Breaking News: Isaiah Canaan Has Second Workout with Pacers

Isaiah Canaan has a second workout with the Pacers tomorrow - Joshua S. Kelly-US PRESSWIRE

Murray State point guard, Isaiah Canaan had a private workout with the Pacers on May 18 and expects to return for a second workout with Indiana this week.

The Indiana Pacers will take a closer look at point guard prospect Isaiah Canaan during a second workout at the Fieldhouse this week. Canaan's agent Mark Bartelstein confirmed the point guard's plan to fly to Indianapolis for his second workout with the Pacers on Monday morning.

The workout, as I was told, the workout type for Canaan is unknown at this point..This is the first prospect Indiana has had in for a second workout during their entire draft process.

As mentioned, Canaan had a private, solo workout with the Pacers on May 18. This was the day of Game 6 against the Knicks in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Pacers executives and scouts, spearheaded by Donnie Walsh, Kevin Pritchard, Ryan Carr, and Peter Dinwiddie were all on hand to see Canaan that day. He reportedly 'wowed' Indiana's staff in the private workout/interview and has been near the top of their draft board ever since.

Canaan's stock has been skyrocketing ever since the NBA Draft Combine, where he looked like a sure-fire first round pick. His scoring and ball handling all were great in Chicago for the combine, leaving teams wanting to see more in workouts. Indiana interviewed Canaan in Chicago as well. He must have impressed Indiana big-time with today's breaking news.

Isaiah compares well to George Hill, due to his frame and scoring ability. Having him run the second unit, as a rookie, is a risk Indiana looks like they are willing to take. Canaan's draft range is anywhere from 14-23 when the draft begins on Thursday night.

The Murray State product has worked out for the Pacers (first time), Cavaliers, Spurs, Suns, Knicks, Clippers, Hawks, and Jazz so far. It looks like this could be Canaan's last workout with any team tomorrow. If you are unfamiliar with Isaiah, check out ESPN's Chad Ford and Draft Express break him down below. Canaan is near the top of Indiana's board, so there is a high chance we hear his name called by them at 23, especially with today's news.

Isaiah Canaan

Hollinger PER 24.28
Projection Late First Round Pick
  • Efficient scoring guard
  • Excellent shooter with deep range
  • Strong, physical guard
  • Good speed and quickness
  • Lacks ideal size for position
  • A bit of a tweener, more scorer than PG

This news is big for both Canaan and the Pacers. Indiana has massive interest in Canaan, so right now, he is the odds-on favorite to be selected at 23 Thursday night.

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