My take on the Pacers Draft

First how I think the Pacers are thinking and will do this summer.

Like everybody know we'll sign D West, probably Jeff too (he's a boss favorite) I think we'll let Tyler and DJ go, no need to talk about Ben and Sam can stay, depends on the draft.

I think we'll keep Granger all year because I think he'll take the role that Franck we'll give him and he'll be in good shape enough to give 30 min of good bball.

So once again, like everybody know, we need a back up PG a third string PG, a shooter and a back up PF.

At 23 it's hard to find what you need but there is some recent exemples that can make us feel good about our chance :

2011 : Farried at 22, Buttler at 30 2010 : Greiviz Vasquez at 28 2009 : Taj Gibson at 26 2008 : Serge Ibaka at 24, Nicolas Batum at 25 and George Hill at 26

For the draft I don't see the Pacers taking a center again, of course if Cody (or another one who our staff is really high on) slide to 23 it's a possibility so no Dieng / Olynyk / Plumlee / Gobert / Nogueira or Adams.

The PG who could be available are : Carter-Williams, Schroeder, Larkin, Wolters, Green, Canaan, Brown and Jackson

if Carter-Williams is available (thin possibility) I would love to have him, big, true PG, high IQ. If not I don't really like Larkin and Shroeder, I can see us taking Green who can be the George Hill of this draft, good size for a PG, can score, not TO prone, can defend. Wolters can be a possibility too maybe a risk to take. don't like the others.

For the SG/SF crue I like Franklin and Bullock for opposite reasons, Franklin looks like a Pacers, great heart can go to the line etc. but can't shoot, Bullock can flat out shoot.

PF : Tony Mitchell is a risk, I don't have a great feeling about him, but he can be a steal at 23, on the other end I really like Carmichael but 23 can be a bit high for him if he's at 53 that would be great.

So If Carter-Williams is available, take him, if not we'll find our back-up PG in free agency and Draft Bullock who is in my opinion the perfect 3 pt specialist or Mitchell. we'll find our 3rd string PG at 53, Kabongo, Siva or Mc Callum.

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