Jason Collins: Here is your first test. Roy Hibbert "No Homo"


Media from around the world commended you on your willingness to disclose who you really are, and the important groundwork that you recently broke. You have opened an opportunity for gay men whom have strayed away from the sports they so crave all because of a need to keep a secret. Members of Outsports on the SB Nation (a group dedicated to gay athletics) shouted your praises, yet there is far more people who live & entertain a LGBT lifestyle, including myself, who never visit any site that is designed for the gay community.

You need to educate some folk's Jason. Sorry to throw this at you, but thereis no better person to do it than you, and certainly don't let Steven A. Smith beat you to it!

Well that same Media that just spent days singing your praises...are now out to persecute Roy Hibbert for his remark "No Homo" which is a Urban Slang. I'm sure that you are aware, this is NOT an insult to the LGBT community, as it was not used in malicious content.


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Meaning if its appropriate or not to say/place "No Homo" after a sentence. If "No Homo" is "Compatible" with a sentence or not.

Reasons for "No Homo" not being compatible with a sentence are: 1. The sentence was not homo. 2. The Sentence was too homo. 1. "Dude do you wanna play GTA IV?, No Homo"- Not No Homo Compatible, sentence was not homo.
2. "Dude can I lick your balls?, No Homo"- Not No Homo Compatible, sentence was entirely too homo.
3. "Dude do you wanna go beat this dudes ass?, No Homo"- No Homo Compatible, sentence could have been homo.

Jason, you know Urban Slang and the context in which this was used. We as a nation have grown immensely understanding culture and accepting diversity. As little as 20 years ago just the mention of the word "Boy" in a sentence around the African-American community was disrespectful and considered vulgar, even if you were saying it in a completely non-racial and nor condescending sentence such as "Boy, that was a hell of dunk". Hibbert's "no homo" remark should be understood in the context it was used.

This is one instance Jason you can't sit by and let a man's reputation get tarnished by this tabloid society out to create a story out of nothing. Despite all the wonderful, and charitable acts from Roy, you can't sit on your hands and just say "that was stupid Roy". The key to overcoming ignorance, is often education.

I'm fairly certain you have zero desire to become some martyr which is your prerogative. I'm just asking you to answer a simple question today: when those tweets and texts start coming.

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