Help Wanted: Please read and lend me your talent & input.

Gentlemen and Ladies:

I'm seeking your input on what are the best non-basketball promotions you have seen, or a themed night you would do if you were giving a themed night, half time show, or entertainment, that would encourage you to go to a minor league basketball game, if one were held within 30 miles of your residence, that you wouldn't even consider to go to.

I'm sure that many of you have seen a great promotion or heard of one.

I bringing this unusual thread up, because I'm now apart of an investment group that has purchased a minor league basketball team. (unfortunately due to confidentiality clause I can't disclose the specifics but can in a couple more weeks or via email)

The older generation that remembers Dancin' Harry, I'm creating a 2013 versoin, that is 1/2 ultra retro, and 1/2 ultra modern. So far we have created the following:

Opening Night! We are bring in Legends of the NBA (Pippin, Rodman, Gill, Marbury, Bogues etc) to play former NBA players from a basketball powerhouse region in our local market.

We are running a win an audition to American Idol Promotion for part of the half time entertainment, where 3 people will sing, and the crowd will vote, and the winner will move on to our final held on our last home game and win airfare & hotel to city of their choice where American Idol is being held, along with $1000 cash spending money.

One night a streetballers exhibition bringing in the names you see on ESPN

I'm going to run a "soccer mom" night where Mom and as many kids she can pack in the van can get in for $25

We have a "1 lucky fan--1 lucky shot= 2014 Ford Focus SE"

We have finalists of the Cheerleader competition to do acrobatic style cheerleading for all home games, from one of the top cheerleading schools in the country.

With 20 home dates to fill and our season set to start this October, I can use all the idea's you can generate. The crazier the better! We have a newer arena complete with theatre seating and cupholders, 20 suites, JumboTron w/instant replays, pyrotechnics and more so the sky is the limit in terms of off court promotions and entertainment!

Last but not least, and hopefully Tom will allow me to add this: If your dream has always been to be involved with the front office, and would be willing to relocate within an 8 hour drive of Indy in the southern part of the country, shoot me an email: (remove this portion if I'm breaking your TOS Tom)

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