Lance Stephenson: Wildcard!! (An apology to Lance)

Andy Lyons

(From the FanPosts, jopat18 with an appreciation for the ups and downs associated with relying on Lance Stephenson to make the Pacers go. -TL)

Alright boys first things first great game, I also had a little too much to drink during the game so for any spelling or punctuation errors I was an intense game.

Gotta get this off my chest, I almost wrote a fanpost at about 5 pm today (basically yesterday) saying how much I can't stand Lance Stephenson as a starter. I completely understand his potential, I understand what an amazing game he played against NY but he is just too wild for me. Every time he touches the ball all I think to myself is UH OH HERE COMES THE WILDCARD, and too be honest I got everyone I was watching the game with tonight to yell "WILDCARD" every time he did anything good or bad.

That being said, as tired as I was of him going into tonight I was very impressed with him, and I mean extremely impressed, as in more than the game against NY. PG was in foul trouble very early and often and Lance stepped up huge against LBJ and on offense.

So this is my formal apology to Lance. Yes, I think you are crazy with the ball. Yes, I think that YOU think you are Michael Jordan on the floor. But also, YES, I hope you keep doing what you're doing. When you are on, the Pacers are an unstoppable team. And yes unstoppable as in the Heat can not beat us, nor can the Spurs, nor can anyone.

I have been saying all playoffs, "man if Granger was in and we had Lance as our 6th this series would be money in the bank," but this game makes me realize that although 75% of the time (in my opinion) Granger would be better than Lance, that other 25% Lance takes the team to a level Granger never could.

So Lance, you are the guy I love to hate, you are not born ready, you are not ready right now most of the time, you are for all intents and purposes, "The Wildcard!" YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAW!!!!!!!


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