Ford 3.0

The lottery results are in and the Cleveland Cavaliers are the big winners in this year's draft lottery. That means it's time for our mock draft version 3.0. At this point, very little is set in stone. Expect this mock draft to continue to fluctuate greatly over the course of the next four weeks. The NBA draft combine just finished last weekend and had a significant impact on our board. The process of team workouts has just started. Over the next few weeks the Adidas Eurocamp and hundreds of team workouts will dramatically alter the face of the draft. But for now, here's our best shot, after talking to numerous NBA team sources, about how the draft might play out on June 27.

1 Nerlens Noel Cleveland Cavaliers COLLEGE: Kentucky AGE: 18 HT: 6-11 WT: 215 POS: C

Analysis: Noel might be the perfect fit for the Cavs. He could provide them with the type of defensive presence in the middle they really need going forward. And the Cavs can be patient. With Anderson Varejao and Tyler Zeller, they don't need Noel right away. Georgetown's Otto Porter probably is the second-best fit. Unless doctors come back with major concerns about Noel's knee, I think he'll go No. 1 to Cavs.

2 Trey Burke Orlando Magic COLLEGE: Michigan AGE: 20 HT: 6-1 WT: 187 POS: PG

Analysis: The Magic need a point guard but might have been reluctant to take Burke at No. 1. What about at No. 2? I think there's a good chance. He's a bit small for his position, but Orlando needs a leader, someone with moxie, and Burke seems like the best fit. Ben McLemore is a possibility here, too.

3 Otto Porter Washington Wizards COLLEGE: Georgetown AGE: 19 HT: 6-8 WT: 200 POS: SF

Analysis: The Wizards need help at the small forward position and Porter, who played his college ball in Washington, appears to be the perfect fit. With two super backcourt scorers such as John Wall and Bradley Beal, having a forward who's a facilitator like Porter feels just right. The other player to watch carefully for the Wizards is Anthony Bennett. Sources say the Wizards also are very high on Bennett and could opt for his potent offensive game to expand their options at power forward.

4 Ben McLemore Charlotte Bobcats COLLEGE: Kansas AGE: 20 HT: 6-5 WT: 195 POS: SG

Analysis: The Bobcats are the big losers, again, in the draft lottery. But if they land McLemore, they might get the player with the best upside in the draft. The team desperately needs outside shooting, and McLemore might have the best stroke of anyone in the draft.

5 Victor Oladipo Phoenix Suns COLLEGE: Indiana AGE: 20 HT: 6-4 WT: 213 POS: SG

Analysis: The Suns want to change the culture of the organization, and Oladipo is the perfect candidate to do it. He'll impact the game immediately on the defensive end. If he develops offensively? He could end up being the best player in the draft.

6 Alex Len New Orleans Pelicans COLLEGE: Maryland AGE: 19 HT: 7-1 WT: 225 POS: C

Analysis: The Pelicans got their power forward of the future with Anthony Davis. Could Len be their center of the future? He might be a perfect complement to Davis. He's more a skilled offensive player and should create a massive, young frontline for the Pelicans.

7 Michael Carter-Williams Sacramento Kings COLLEGE: Syracuse AGE: 21 HT: 6-6 WT: 184 POS: PG

Analysis: The future of the Kings has finally cleared up, and the good news for Sacramento fans is that the team is staying put. The bad news? Just about everything else. While there is plenty of talent on the Kings' roster, not much of it fits together. The team ranked 13th in offensive efficiency this year but a miserable 29th in defensive efficiency. Adding someone who can do something besides chuck up the basketball might help. The team's biggest need is probably at small forward.

However, unless they want to add another shoot-first, ask-questions-later player like Shabazz Muhammad, there probably isn't a small forward worthy of a pick this high. Enter Williams. While the Kings do have point guards on their roster, they don't have any that really make others around them better. Carter-Williams is a high-risk, high-reward player. He has elite size for his position, proved to be a terrific athlete at the NBA draft combine and sees the floor well. In addition, he's a rangy defender who averaged 2.8 steals per game last season. Of the elite NBA prospects, only Marcus Smart averaged more. His lack of jump shot is the biggest concern. But if he develops, he could help the turn around in Sacramento.

8 Anthony Bennett Detroit Pistons COLLEGE: UNLV AGE: 20 HT: 6-8 WT: 240 POS: PF

Analysis: The Pistons' biggest need is at the three, and if Bennett falls this far, I could see Detroit convincing themselves that Bennett could make the transition. While Bennett looks like a power forward, he can really shoot and handle the basketball. He has enough talent to be the No. 1 pick, but his recent rotator cuff surgery has caused his stock to slide just a tad. He'd be a great fit in Detroit and give the Pistons, along with Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond, one of the best young front lines in basketball.

9 C.J. McCollum Minnesota Timberwolves COLLEGE: Lehigh AGE: 21 HT: 6-3 WT: 197 POS: PG

Analysis: McCollum didn't participate in the drills portion of the draft combine, but did show up for the athletic testing and put fears to rest that his foot wasn't 100 percent healed. He measured a 38.5-inch vertical and tested well in every category but the lane agility drill. The Wolves desperately need a shooter. The team ranked dead last in the NBA in 3-point percentage.

10 Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Portland Trail Blazers COLLEGE: Georgia AGE: 20 HT: 6-6 WT: 204 POS: SG

Analysis: Caldwell-Pope didn't have a great showing at the combine. His jump shot wasn't falling, and while he tested well in the speed category, his vertical jump wasn't particularly impressive. Nevertheless, multiple GMs told me they think he'll end up be a top-10 pick. He can shoot better than he showed at the combine, and he has prototypical size for the position.

11 Cody Zeller Philadelphia 76ers COLLEGE: Indiana AGE: 20 HT: 7-0 WT: 230 POS: C

Analysis: The Cody Zeller bandwagon is officially filling up again. All it took was an incredible display of athletic prowess at the draft combine to convince NBA teams who had soured on him to give him another look. Of course, we all knew Zeller was athletic, but few knew he was capable of what he did at the combine. Zeller is trying to make the transition to the 4 and seems like an obvious fit in Philly, a team without a legitimate 4-man on its roster.

12 Steven Adams Oklahoma City Thunder via Toronto Raptors COLLEGE: Pittsburgh AGE: 19 HT: 7-0 WT: 255 POS: C

Analysis: Adams might have been the big winner of the draft combine. Physically, he looked the part of a future NBA center and displayed a better than expected touch on his jump shot. He looked in terrific shape, hustled on both ends of the floor and reminded everyone why scouts saw him as a potential top-five pick going into his senior year of high school. He's raw and won't find any real minutes on the Thunder. But that's what the D-League is for.

13 Dario Saric Dallas Mavericks COUNTRY: Croatia AGE: 19 HT: 6-10 WT: 223 POS: SF

Analysis: I'm hearing quite loudly from multiple sources the Mavs are likely to trade this pick to save cap room for a run at Dwight Howard this summer. If they keep the pick, the Mavs are as high on Saric as any team in the league. They feel, along with a handful of other teams, Saric might have the highest basketball IQ of anyone in the draft and might be one of the two or three players who could be a star someday. While it's entirely possible the Pelicans or Trail Blazers grab Saric earlier, I don't think he slides past No. 13 if the Mavs hold on to their pick.

14 Shabazz Muhammad Utah Jazz COLLEGE: UCLA AGE: 20 HT: 6-6 WT: 222 POS: SF

Analysis: The Jazz's biggest need is at the point, but if Burke and McCollum are both off the board, they'll have to look elsewhere. Enter Muhammad. The Jazz also need an elite scorer, and Muhammad is one of the most gifted in the draft. His stock has slipped the past few months, but no one doubts that there still a lot of talent there. This would be an absolute steal for the Jazz if he's still on the board.

15 Allen Crabbe Milwaukee Bucks COLLEGE: Cal AGE: 21 HT: 6-6 WT: 197 POS: SG

Analysis: The Bucks need a shooter, and Crabbe might be the best one left on the board. Crabbe had one of the best performances of the week at the combine. Not only did he measure with great size and length, he shot the ball as effortlessly as any player at the combine and tested as a much better athlete than expected. His inconsistent effort on the defensive end really is the only major question surrounding him.

16 Dennis Schroeder Boston Celtics COUNTRY: Germany AGE: 19 HT: 6-2 WT: 165 POS: PG

Analysis: With Rajon Rondo's future up in the air, could the Celtics take the guy who many scouts compare to a young Rondo? Both are quick, long and have huge hands. Both play a frantic style of basketball and both have swagger. The rumors flying around Chicago were that Schroeder had a promise from a team. The Celtics seem like just the sort of team that would try to lock him down.

17 Mason Plumlee Atlanta Hawks COLLEGE: Duke AGE: 23 HT: 6-10 WT: 238 POS: PF

Analysis: Plumlee reminded everyone this week why he once was a highly regarded potential lottery pick. His elite athletic ability combined with a 7-foot frame make him a unique prospect at this point in the draft. At 23, he's a little older than everyone else, but I think a team that wants to fly up and down the floor like the Hawks would love having him on the floor.

18 Jamaal Franklin Atlanta Hawks via Houston Rockets COLLEGE: San Diego St. AGE: 21 HT: 6-5 WT: 191 POS: SG

Analysis: Franklin didn't play at the combine. His ankle was in a walking boot. However, the injury isn't expected to keep him out for long. While the Hawks have a pretty crowded backcourt, I think if Franklin can play some small forward he might be worth the trouble. His infectious energy and athletic ability should give the team a real shot in the arm.

19 Rudy Gobert Cleveland Cavaliers via Los Angeles Lakers COUNTRY: France AGE: 20 HT: 7-2 WT: 238 POS: PF

Analysis: It's difficult to tell whether Gobert's surprise appearance at the combine helped or hurt his draft stock. His standing reach of 9-foot-7 was the longest ever recorded at the combine. It's pretty easy to see what a player with his length could do to protect the rim. However, Gobert seemed a bit out of shape and his athleticism actually ranked dead last at the combine. While it is possible Gobert could go considerably higher than this, there also are a lot of scouts who think he's grossly overrated as a prospect and actually like Brazilian Lucas Noguiera better. We're splitting the difference here at No. 19, but it's very possible that Noguiera could be the pick for Cleveland instead.

20 Gorgui Dieng Chicago Bulls COLLEGE: Louisville AGE: 23 HT: 6-11 WT: 230 POS: C

Analysis: Dieng also was in a walking boot for the entire combine process and wasn't able to really help himself. A veteran team like the Bulls would love to have him, however. He's not only a good rebounder and shot blocker, but he also is an excellent passer out of the high post. The team desperately needs size to back up Joakim Noah, and Dieng measured with the second tallest standing reach of anyone in the draft.

21 Shane Larkin Utah Jazz via Golden State Warriors COLLEGE: Miami AGE: 20 HT: 6-0 WT: 171 POS: PG

Analysis: The Jazz still need a point guard, and Larkin looks like the perfect fit. He had a terrific performance at the combine, shot the ball well and tested off the charts athletically with a 44-inch vertical (the second highest ever measured at the combine) and showed elite speed. Yes, he's undersized, but with that athletic ability and range on his jumper, he should be just fine in Utah.

22 Jeff Withey Brooklyn Nets COLLEGE: Kansas AGE: 23 HT: 7-0 WT: 222 POS: C

Analysis: The Nets got a great season out of Brook Lopez, but they don't really have a credible backup for him. Withey is unlikely to be a star, but he is one of the two or three best shot blockers in the draft and should be able to come in and play great defense for 10-15 minutes a game in Brooklyn.

23 Kelly Olynyk Indiana Pacers COLLEGE: Gonzaga AGE: 22 HT: 7-0 WT: 234 POS: PF

Analysis: The Pacers are in danger of losing David West this summer. While Olynyk is no West, he's a very skilled four who can create his shot off the dribble and score in the post. He's a great value here after slipping a bit with a so-so performance at the draft combine.

24 Glen Rice Jr. New York Knicks COLLEGE: Georgia Tech AGE: 22 HT: 6-6 WT: 211 POS: SG

Analysis: Rice wowed NBA scouts and GMs with his stellar play in the D-League, but came to the draft combine and laid an egg. His athletic ability is terrific, but he didn't shoot the ball particularly well and just didn't seem to be clicking last week. That has hurt his stock. He's going to need strong workouts. However, he seems like a great fit on the Knicks, who, after Carmelo Anthony, don't have a lot going for them at the small forward position.

25 Pierre Jackson Los Angeles Clippers COLLEGE: Baylor AGE: 21 HT: 5-11 WT: 176 POS: PG

Analysis: If the Clippers hang onto Chris Paul, they're probably going to have to trade Eric Bledsoe or risk losing him in free agency this summer. That opens up a spot at backup point guard. Jackson might be one of the two or three most exciting athletes in the draft. He proved this season he can really run the point. I think he'd be a great fit in L.A.

26 Sergey Karasev Minnesota Timberwolves COUNTRY: Russia AGE: 19 HT: 6-7 WT: 197 POS: SF

Analysis: Did we say the Wolves need shooting? Even if Minnesota lands McCollum, don't be surprised if the Wolves add even more shooting with their second first-round pick. Karasev is one of the best shooters in the draft and should be able to make a smooth transition from Russia to Minnesota.

27 Tim Hardaway Jr. Denver Nuggets COLLEGE: Michigan AGE: 21 HT: 6-6 WT: 199 POS: SG

Analysis: Hardaway had one of the best performances of anyone at the combine. Not only did he shoot the ball well, but he brought an intensity with him that few players could match. While the Nuggets have both Andre Iguodala and Evan Fournier at the position, the team needs as much shooting as it can get.

28 Lucas Noguiera San Antonio Spurs COUNTRY: Brazil AGE: 20 HT: 6-11 WT: 218 POS: C

Analysis: The Brazilian had a coming-out party a few years ago at the under-18 Americas Tournament, then fell off the map for a few years. Lately, he's putting up solid numbers in Spain and a number of international scouts have him ranked higher than Gobert. He's rail thin, but he has a great motor and can block shots. Assuming the Spurs re-sign fellow Brazilian big man Tiago Splitter, the transition could be pretty smooth.

29 Giannis Antetokounmpo Oklahoma City Thunder COUNTRY: Greece AGE: 18 HT: 6-9 WT: 215 POS: SF

Analysis: The Thunder already have a lottery pick and should feel comfortable enough to roll the dice on the draft's most mysterious player. Antetokounmpo has the size and skill level to be a special point forward in the pros. But he's completely unproven. Completely. He's the perfect draft-and-stash candidate.

30 Reggie Bullock Phoenix Suns via Miami Heat COLLEGE: North Carolina AGE: 22 HT: 6-7 WT: 200 POS: SF

Analysis: Bullock also really impressed at the combine with both his size and shooting ability. He's not going to be an All-Star, but as a big wing jump shooter, he's a very good get at this point in the draft.

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