Paul George 8th, Roy Hibbert 10th in Defensive Player of the Year voting


The top defensive team in the NBA didn't fare to well in the voting for the top defensive player in the NBA.

The Indiana Pacers had the NBA's best defense throughout the regular season and that even includes the final two weeks of the season when their league-leading defensive effort went on hiatus. So it is no surprise that the two anchors of that defense, Roy Hibbert and Paul George, were among the players receiving votes for the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year Award.

What is surprising is how poorly they finished in the voting. Memphis center Marc Gasol won the award and this isn't to say he shouldn't have been the winner. I honestly haven't seen enough of Gasol and the Grizz to compare and contrast anything but numbers with Roy Hibbert. But Hibbert was a monster around the rim for long stretches of the Pacers season. Plus, like Hibbert had Paul George, Gasol had Tony "World Peace" Allen wreaking havoc on the wings. But again, Gasol won, congrats, enjoy.

Just think the Big Dawg deserved more recognition among the voters. Not enough to win the award, which is probably a bias of seeing the bulk of the minutes Hibbert and Paul George played. I'm aware of all of the blemishes on their DPOY resume. But that top defensive ranking didn't happen by accident. Hibbert and George made it happen.

Here are the vote totals:

Player First-place votes Second-place votes Third-place votes TOTAL POINTS
Marc Gasol 30 16 14 212
LeBron James 18 15 14 149
Serge Ibaka 14 15 7 122
Joakim Noah 13 10 12 107
Tony Allen 9 15 12 102
Tim Duncan 11 11 6 94
Larry Sanders 4 18 16 90
Paul George 8 2 11 57
Andre Iguodala 5 3 9 43
Roy Hibbert 3 5 6 36
Chris Paul 2 2 3 19
Avery Bradley 2 1 2 15
Tyson Chandler 0 3 2 11
Dwight Howard 1 0 4 6
Luol Deng 1 0 1 6
Dwyane Wade 0 1 1 4
Trevor Ariza 0 1 0 3
Jimmy Butler 0 1 0 3
Kenneth Faried 0 1 0 3
Russell Westbrook 0 1 0 3
Mike Conley 0 0 1 1

(hat tip: Bullets Forever for the vote totals)

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