Indy-SLC relations.

Hi Pacer nation. Jazz fan here. I posted this potential trade on SLCdunk and wanted to see what you all thought about it.

It is heavily detailed in the Jazz section so feel free to skip to the main points. Should our front offices get together with the Clippers and get this done?

The trade.

Jazz get: Eric Bledsoe, Caron Butler, Trey Thompkins

Pacers get: Pail Millsap, Randy Foye

Clippers get: Danny Granger, Demarre Carrol

Why the Jazz do this and what they do with the rotation afterward.

Three rotational players for a backup!? Yes indeed. Smart people sometimes say that no one should leave a trade completely happy and the Jazz are definitely giving up some things in this one.

*NOTE This trade works without Demarre exactly how it is now. My thoughts on including the Junkyard Dog are that it would further entice the Clippers to do the deal, and also that we need minutes for Eric Bledsoe, Alec burks, andMo Williams when he returns.

This without a doubt secures our PG of the future in Bledsoe. He is great, check him out.

Let's break this down, there are now 72 minutes we have just freed up. I think they should be distributed like this:

  • 13 min for Favors putting him at 35mpg
  • 8.4 for Hayward putting him at 35mpg
  • 10 for Kanter putting him at 24.4mpg
  • 10 for Burks putting him at 25.7 mpg
  • 25mpg for Bledsoe

Once Mo returns the Jazz can just encroach on what little minutes Caron Butler, Earl Watson, and Jamaal Tinsley are getting at the time.

So take a step back. Breath.

Now think about Paul and everything he brings to the table, Demarre (who is a mini Paul in his own right when considering how they both transformed their games) and the new Bruce Bowen type role he has discovered, and Foye who is about to break the Jazz 3 pt record this year.

Now think about Eric Bledsoe, dubbed "Mini-Lebron" by teammates Jamal Crawford getting all of Earl Watson's and Jamal Tinsley's minutes. Think of how perfect a backcourt partner he'd make with Alec Burks as two hybrid gaurds sharing the ball. Hell, think of adding Hayward to that lineup and we would have 3 handling, passing, shooting, athletic freaks whipping the ball to our other athletic freaks in the front court. We could overwhelm teams athletically. When is the last time anyone could say that about a Jazz team? Also think on this, as it might be the most important part of the trade, think ofGordon Hayward and Derrick Favors with go to roles in our offense.

To me, this is a fair, easy trade to make. Yes losing Demarre is a bummer but the Jazz coached the hell out of him and turned him into an asset. Now let's use that asset in part of a deal to land a pillar for our future. I know he transforms the teams energy and not many players provide all the tricks he has in one package, but Bledsoe does the same thing for the Clippers.

Besides I asked Gordon Hayward about it and he basically said the defense would be fine, in fact he was so confident he busted out one of his patented caucasian freestyle rhyme explosions to the tune of, "we don't need D at the 3, cuz we have me, tha big G, and as all can see, I plays D, un-be-liev-a-bly (this is actually part of a secret track from G-Times "Too Big Yo" LP)

Foye is a mixed bag for me, he has had some timely 3 pointers but I also like rebounding and playmaking from my 2 guard.

Nothing to be said for Sap except that it'd be sad to see him go.

As for Caron Butler and his 2 year 8M contract, well that's the downside. We know this is a give and take kind of game. He can fill in as a rotational player. The FO has worked hard for flexibility and wouldn't this be taking advantage of it? The clippers could easily swap Lamar Odom(1 year 8.5M) for Butler in the deal, but they still need size, and the trade is landing them 2 SF anyway so I figured they wouldn't want to send Butler. If they don't care then the Jazz take Odom and his 1 yr all day. Thompkins is our 4th big, a necessary thing to have in this league.

Now lets talk about the 800 pound Big Al in the living room. We would probably be able to pay him if we wanted to, we could also let him walk. That's a summer decision if this trade were to happen.

Why the Clippers do this.

A complete, and excellent overhaul for their SF position. Getting out of Butlers contract. I think this trade would possibly push the Clippers ahead of OKC and SA. Butler's PER is 11, Carrol's is 16.8, Grangers is 18.8. Granger would obviously start and Carrol would be the Bruce Bowen for the Clippers essentially. His intensity and defensive energy is infectious. They don't want to lose Blesdoe, but they are going to because they have CP3. Plain and simple. A Starting 5 of, CP3,,Granger, Griffin, and DJ is sick

Why the Pacers do this.

Paul George. I'd stop right there but I'll elaborate. His ascension to stardom at Grangers position all of a sudden makes Granger expendable. They are in the east and Miami rules that conference. Miami also has size issues and has been burned by Millsap many, many times. A 3 man rotation of West, Millsap, and Roy Hibbert is giving any team fits. Especially Miami. Spoelstra wants to roll out LBJ and Bosh at the 4 and 5 with Lewis or Battier at the 3 small ball style? No problem, here is Paul George to put the D on LBJ, here is Paul Millsap to push Lewis or Battier around (not to mention score the **** out of the ball on them), and here is David West who will equal bosh out. I really like this trade for Indiana as well.

Lastly, the money works and makes sense!

What do you all think? Who hates/loves this deal?

To me, this is the best and fairest scenario out there.

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