Pacers Links: Wizards in town to test Pacers at Fieldhouse


The Washington Wizards are on a bit of a roll and likely looking forward to taking their best shot at the Pacers.

The Washtington Wizards spent Thanksgiving in Indy awaiting their matchup on Friday night with the Indiana Pacers. According to John Wall, the Wiz were going to enjoy some 'Hoosier Hospitality' from former Pacer Al Harrington's mom, who lives in the area and planned to fill all of the Wiz players with some good home cooking.

The Thanksgiving meal will account for all of Harrington's contributions to the Wizards on the trip since he won't be available for the game due to a knee injury. Bradley Beal and rookie Otto Porter also are out for the game, but the Wizards will be all in to test themselves against the top team in the East.

Forward Trevor Ariza's comments to the Washington Post, express just that sentiment.

"Everybody says they are the best team in the East. Let's go see."

After winning three in a row, the Wiz have a starting lineup that can match the Pacers size and length and with Wall pushing the ball in transition will give the Pacers a strong test. A couple of teams will rise from the current mess in the middle of the East to establish themselves as playoff contenders and the Wizards are showing some signs of doing just that with their recent play, despite being a bit short-handed.

The Pacers will have the advantage of matching the Wiz, as well along with more depth to use their usual recipe of wearing opponents out by forcing them to extend energy at both ends of the floor. Downtown will be hopping tonight with the tree lighting and high school football games, so no doubt there will be plenty of energy in the Fieldhouse for what should be a highly entertaining game.

Check out the links, with special interest in the story about Roy Hibbert literally influencing lives:


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