American Pickers: Pacer Style

We are looking for that rusty gold as Mike Wolfe says! This should be a fun thread. As most of you are aware, we don't have any cap space. The CBA allows for teams to trade within 20%, and draft picks have no cash value.
What we are looking for is that perfect piece that would increase our chances of winning the east. Do know that we are 3 million under the Tax, so we can add a take back a tad bit more than we give.

Please list the player, his stats, salary and a brief description on how you feel he will help the team.

If you wish to propose a trade, go right ahead, but that isn't necessary. You may duplicate another persons player.
Afterwards, we will take the players with the most mentions and run a poll.

I think this will be a fun exercise as well as productive.

Limit 5 players per member. The easiest way to do this is to go to ESPN Trade Machine. You can click up to four teams at a time and see their Salaries and length of contract. Remember the MAX Salary must be 4 million.

Here are two of mine: I'll add my additional 3 later in the thread. Feel free to use reply to peoples suggestion. It helps us to learn more about each player.

Carlos Delfino-Houston Rockets-SG,SF,PF- Salary 3 million 2 years

PPG 10.3 RPG 3.3 APG 2.1 Not only is Carlos efficient but the fact he can play 3 positions is just tantalizing. He posts the top +/- in the league this year for players off the bench. He rarely turns the ball over, and sports a 2/1 assist ratio. Rockets want to clear space to add another big name free agent, so I don't care what we give him from our bottom 8, just get him in a Pacer uniform!

Sebastian Telfair- Phoenix Suns-PG Trade Pendergrass (or choice of our bench players with exception of DJ/Tyler. Very cheap salary of 1.567 million, expiring.

PPG 6.2 RPG 1.5 APG 2.6 Telfair is strictly for insurance. I'm truly concerned if something happens to Hill or if DJ goes back into a major funk. While he is not spectacular, he takes care of the ball 2.5/1 and is an adequate defender. 1/2 season rental and if he preforms, we have our backup point guard for next year for roughly the same figure. His figures might appear low, but actually are quite strong considering he's only averaging 14 mins per game.

So there is two of mine and why I want these players. I'll add 3 more by the time you locals get up tomorrow. Don't forget, you may duplicate players previously listed, and make comments pro/against suggested players.

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