This Five Guys or that Five Guys???

I don't know about ya'll, but I love Five Guys hamburgers. I've never posted a card on their bulletin board telling them how much I love them, because well, I'm a grownup man and that's more of a little kid/girlie thing... So the best I can do (while still preserving my manhood) is this mixed up combo post that's kind of a Pacers/Five Guys mixup. Here's hoping this might kill some time for some of us Pacers fans between now and when next season starts.

1. Will Hans or West be coming back at PF for 2013?

This is an easy one. I will be more than unhappy if Hans is still on the Pacers at the trade deadline. Regardless, I expect this to be the case. I think if this team gets into the Eastern Conference Finals next year, then West will have no doubt been a big reason why and he should be brought back at about $12M per year, because he will have earned it. Hans on the other hand is just one of those guys who peaked in college, and I expect will have proven me right in a half year or so from now.

2. Will Roy Hibbert or Andrew Bynum be starting Center for the Eastern Conference in the 2012-13 All Star game?

Another easy one. I think barring injury, Roy will be the starting center for the forseeable future. Roy is sometimes more than timid regarding physical play, which is more than easy to criticize, given his awesome size... But his style (such as it is) should contribute to keeping him relatively injury free with a longish career too. Bynum is injury prone and doesn't possess Roy's work ethic, so the Pacers should look smart for years to come by locking up the best center in the East long term. Hey, if Dwight Howard has recurring back issues, Roy might even end up being the best center in all of basketball for the first few years of the "Post Center Era"!

3. Will Paul George ever supplant Danny Granger as the Number One scoring option?

This is a tough one for me emotionally...

I think not, but I wish so. Not while Danny is a Pacer anyways. For this to happen it would take a magnanimous move to step aside - like Reggie Miller did to allow Jalen Rose to grow. I don't see that happening. Granger doesn't have it in him, and the fans would clamor for Granger to be traded if he even started to try such a thing.

4. Will the Pacers draft David West's eventual replacement or trade for him?

I'm on the fence regarding this one, and I'm not sure it really matters a whole hell of a lot either way, I'm just hoping there's a good young power forward available from somewhere, because Hans is most definitely not the answer. However, speaking solely as a fan, it's always more fun to see a young guy drafted and brought up as a Pacer. It's conceivable that given the offensive fire power of the rest of our team that more of a pure enforcer type would do best (like the Davis boys and Foster were). West is a combo enforcer/scorer. Hopefully finding a bruising enforcer will be easier for the Pacers to find than a scoring power forward, given they are likely to be drafting late in the first round for the forseeable future. Given Hibbert's style of play, a physical power forward is absolutely necessary.

5. Is George Hill the point guard of the future or some other guy?

Finishing off with the toughest...

I like George Hill as a person, but I think he is more ideally suited as a combo guard coming off the bench first for either the starting point guard or shooting guard, as the situation dictates. (This is assuming Vogel eventually learns how to coach situationally!) Anyway, in my 2012-2013 crystal ball, I'm hoping DJ plays lights out behind George Hill next year, and eventually replaces him as starting point guard. This would then hopefully put George Hill into a 6th man role. Problem is though, I don't know how the Pacers would have enough money to sign both West and DJ on after their contracts expire. Dropping Hans' $4M will help, but I don't think that'll be enough, given our tight-fisted owner... something will have to give... WHAT MIGHT THAT BE???

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