Hibbertmania! (A Blazer perspective)

I realize that Roy Hibbert is a sensitive subject among the Pacer faithful at the moment — at least until Kevin Pritchard matches Portland's offer sheet this coming week, which I anticipate that he'll do. In the meantime, Blazer fans are trying to suss out the situation for themselves.

I've got a piece up on a little independent Blazer blog called Pinwheel Empire dealing with All Things Hibbert, which includes my own rant about Portland's hubris and foolishness, a pretty darned good interview with the pretty darned great supremo of Indy Cornrows, Tom Lewis, and a long, long, long biography of Roy Hibbert that should be of interest to Pacer peeps.

Here's a link to the full piece: Hibbertmania!

I'll toss ya a quick taste after the jump...

Hats Off to (Roy) Hibbert

Early years

Roy Denzil Hibbert‘s parents are from the Caribbean and he was born in Flushing, Queens, New York, but he’s really a kid from Adelphi, Maryland. That’s the first thing to know about him — he’s a kid from the tony suburbs of our nation’s capital.

Adelphi is an unincorporated community of about 15,000 located in Prince George’s County in the Southwestern part of the state. Dominated by slave plantations in colonial days, Prince George’s County today holds the distinction of being the wealthiest county in the United States with an African-American majority according to Ebony magazine.

Georgetown Preparatory School

Mind you, Prince George’s County is not just a wealthyblack county, it is a wealthy county in absolute terms — home to doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs and standing in the top 2% nationally in income level.

Basketball was not the first choice of his parents, Jamaican Roy Hibbert, Senior and Trinidadian Patricia Edwards. They preferred that their son play tennis and golf and learn the piano. The gangly boy was too uncoordinated to play football, but as he grew taller and taller he began to see basketball as an activity at which he could excel. Given the fact that their son was 6’6″ tall in 6th Grade, it did not take long before his parents recognized and accepted that he might have a natural affinity for the sport.

During his high school years, Hibbert attended Georgetown Preparatory School, an all-male Jesuit institution established in 1789 as part of Georgetown College, legally separate since 1927, and located today in Bethesda, Maryland. Georgetown Prep is an elite institution — dozens of leaders of government, business, science, and the arts have attended the school down through the years. A quality education is delivered, but it comes at a price, with individual tuition ranging from $30,000 to $50,000 per year depending upon whether a student attends on a day basis or boards at the school.

Hibbert soon came to live and breathe the game, excelling despite athletic limitations during his senior year at Georgetown Prep. Although nicknamed “Lurch” by teammates after the slow-moving behemoth of Addams Family fame, during his final year the bottom line was the bottom line for Hibbert — an average of 19 points and a mindblowing 17 rebounds per game, to go with and 6 blocked shots and 3 assists. The “Little Hoyas” finished the year 16-4 and were co-champions of the Interstate Athletic Conference. The legit 7-footer found himself in an enviable position entering college, with broad horizons before him.

So understand this well: Roy Hibbert and Ron Artest may have both been born in Queens, New York, but their life experiences and personalities are as dissimilar as Mercury and Pluto....

* * *


Thanks again, Tom!


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