Hibbert Pros/Cons

Hey Guys, First time posting. I've been reading every article since the start of the season and thought I'd try to put a little something together.

So, I've been reading a lot of takes on Should They or Shouldn't they resign Hibbert. I thought it would be best to lay it all out here.

Cons This one is easy. Money. Is Hibbert the player worth that amount of money? Is he worth Dwight Howard (almost) or Bynum type money? Indiana will always be a small market team. Can they afford to swallow a contract like that for a player who puts up 10+ its and 10 rebs a night?

Scenario #1 - Resign Hibbert If the Pacers resign Hibbert, one danger is their Future (as detailed by Tom and Conrad Brunner). Next year when West's contract expires, he'll want money and how will you prove to him that he's worth less than Hibbert? Same for George when his contract is up. If they resign Hibbert it also hurts our chances of getting anyone else. By now most of the big names have already decided where they're going (and I was pretty sure none of them were coming here anyway) but Hibbert's contract will but a damper on the team for a few years. Are we content with having this same general team for the next 2-4 years? The Pacers are not known for being players in Free Agency but still. We finally acquired some nice cap space, are we going to blow it all on one player? I feel like if we were having this same conversation about Danny, it would be a none issue... The Pacers would let Danny walk.

Maybe someone can help me out here. Did Hibbert sign the offer sheet? If so (or not) is he allowed to sign with the Pacers for less than the offer from Portland or is he obligated to sign with Portland or any other higher contracts? Wonder how hard (or if it's possible) to talk him or others into signing for less money to make the burden on the Pacers less? I think Roy would be the type to do that.

Scenario #2 - Let him walk This is the real reason I think we're all scared; who will start if Hibbert walks? Unlike almost every other position, there isn't someone ready to come in right now. If Hibbert walks, and the team as it is now, our starter is... Miles Plumlee or Pendergraph. Personally if Hibbert walks I want to resign Fasenko. That will do 2 things, ensure our defensive presence down low, yes it takes away some offense but Hibbert wasn't putting up 20 points a night anyway. I also (and I think this is important) moves Paul George higher up on the scoring option list. Seemed this season he was behind Hibbert and sometimes the 5th scoring option. This would move him up to the 3rd option in my book, forcing him to be more aggressive.

Roy has definitely made some strides all around since his first year in the league. (He can actually stay on the floor out of foul trouble). He still ends up on the floor a lot for a big guy and his agility and footwork sometimes kill me.

I also know there's been talk of McGee. While he is a very gifted athlete, sometimes he plays like an idiot. Do the Pacers want that? He was on the list for dumbest plays of the season for goodness sake.

Pros Hibbert is a class act. His Area 55 alone has sped up my plans of finally moving down to Indy so I can join. This year he took all the Area 55ers to a movie, for free! He appeared on Kimmel, and Parks and Recreation. He's become the face of the fans for this franchise in a way we haven't had since Reggie.

Love his intensity he brings to games. He was (could have been more) dominant in the Orlando series. Kinda disappeared in the Miami series. But he proved to be a force protecting the rim down low the Pacers haven't had since Smits. A block to me is sometimes just as good as a dunk. Gets the crowd and everyone else pumped up.

This is where I'm glad I'm just a fan and not doing this as a job. There almost isn't a right or wrong answer here. What did I miss?

My Choice- It may not be popular (or the right choice) but I say resign him.

Hib Hib - HooRoy!
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