Must Read-our remaining Salary cap breakdown

Pacers Roster: 13 Players currently under contract (from highest to lowest)

D. Granger-13,058,606

D. West-10,000,000

R. Hibbert-14,500,000

G. Hill-8,000,000

I. Mahinmi-4,000,000

DJ Augustin-3,500,000

G. Green-3,300,000

T. Hansbrough-3,055,259

P. George-2,574,120

M. Plumlee-1,100,000

L. Stephenson-915,243

O. Johnson-874,550

J. Pendergraph-854,389

-Salary Cap for 2012-2013 is 58,044,000

-This is Pacers salary for this season 65,732,167 So far with players listed (Hibbert & Hill may be structured different)

-The Luxury Tax Threshold is 70,307,000 (If exceeded team will pay $1 tax for every $1 over this) (Pacers/Simon Won’t exceed this, which is one of suspected reasons why Larry Legend left)

*Pacers still have their Midlevel Exception of 5,000,000 to spend on someone but won’t go over the threshold. So they will still be able to spend almost all of the mid level.

Depth Chart: PG-Hill/Augustin/Stephenson





+ I say use midlevel on someone for a 1 or 2 year deal and pay them close to the midlevel. Looking at depth Chart we need another Guard and our roster will be set. Options are: Shannon Brown, Aaron Brooks, Raymond Felton, Marco Belinelli, Courtney Lee, Randy Foye, Jodie Meeks, Michael Redd, Roger Mason, Carl Landry, and possibly bringing back Leandro Barbosa. Their is also the recently amnestied Elton Brand and Luis Scola.

Courtney Lee would be viable for 2 years at the mid level exception. Or Since Brooklyn Nets are shopping Marshon Brooks Id give them a first round pick or hans and pendergraph and a second for brooks to be our bench SG. Even though I predict big things this year for Lance. So I like the option of Signing Carl Landry to 1 yr mid level sign and trade with New Orleans for Hans and Pendergraph. Or trade Hans and Pendergraph and try to get Brand or Scola.

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