Did Lance Stephenson Cost the Pacers the NBA Championship?

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Did Tashon Prince cost us a chance at the NBA Championship when he blocked Reggie Miller at the rim? Did Steve Bartman cost the Cubs when he grabbed that ball? Did Kim Jong Il cost the Pacers the 1998 Conference Finals? Did Bill Buckner cost his team?


I think we can all sit back and realize the opportunity that was lost this season thanks to Lance Stephenson. We know how good a team we had, and we had the favorites reeling with a 2-1 lead. We had a great victory in game 3 of the Heat series where we literally ran them off the court. Then a MAN CHILD stood up at the end of the bench and made the dreaded choke sign. The one man whose only contribution to the game was to fill up the water bottles for the actual players on the floor. This man had no claim or stake on this win. He had nothing to do with it. All he was ALLOWED to do in the game is sit at the end of the bench, watch, learn, and keep your mouth shut. He couldn’t do it!!!!

Then came the choke sign . . . . Then came ESPN national news program showing not how great Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert, George Hill, David West played , but instead we get to watch replays of the IDIOT at the end of the bench giving a choke sign. Lebron didn’t even know who Lance Stephenson was . . . .

After this game we lost our heart and we lost our focus. Lebron James and D - Wade rallied and had some of the best games in their career. HOW IS THAT? WHAT WAS THE ONE THING THAT CAUSED ALL THIS TURMOIL IN SUCH A SHORT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

It was The Choke that distracted our players away from giving the final blow to the Heat. It was the choke that gave the Heat some extra motivation against the Pacers. All of you can say and write on this blog whatever you want, but in the back of your mind, when you take that deep swallow, you know that Lance cost us the BEST chance we are going to have for the next 5 - 7 years. Honestly, you will not see the injuries like we had this year.

So while you watch your summer league games and root for the Staircase to score 20 pts on some scrub from North Eastern Montana State Southern, remember that he cost us an NBA Championship. By the way he was doing that 2 years ago and still sucks against real NBA players. I hope it was worth it to the few fans that he has that Lance continue on this team. I hope it was worth it after all the temper tantrums in huddles, AND the horrible passing hitting Danny Granger in the back of the head, AND his horrible shot selection, AND don’t forget the GIRL that he THREW down the STAIRCASE.

Lance Stephenson thank you for costing us the NBA CHAMPIONSHIP . . . You will have to live with that for the rest of your life just like Steve Bartman. . . .

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