We've got 12 players under contract and our starting 5 is coming back. We can assume we'll not add a starter or it will be a big surprise. The only spot available could be at the SG.

So where can we improve?

_ Our PG rotation look solid, questions are : we don't have a true pass first PG and are we ok with Lance as our 3rd string PG.

As it is today I don't see a way to add a good pass first PG and Lance as a 3rd PG is ok. An option can be to trade DC who is our most tradable piece and bringing back AJ or sign Flynn or Dooling. But who you trade DC for? I can see Dallas being interested so a trade DC + DJ for Marion could be possible. Marion can defend the 3/4 spot bring experience, strange shooting etc.

_ At SG it's a little bit more complicated : is SG the best position for Paul George? a combination of Hill/Stephenson/O Johnson/D Jones is enough for the backup position?

In an ideal world I think our best option would have been to sign a starting SG and let Paul George be our 6th man he can back up the 2 and 3 really well. Maybe they think Mayo can be that starting SG but I doubt it. If we sign Mayo (or Lee) it means no playing time for Lance and Johnson.

_ SF : a DG/PG rotation is really good the only question can be : do we need a big guy who can bring tough D on best SF like KD or James.

We all hope Paul George will become a lockdown defender at the 2/3 spots but he’s light right now to guard James so is D Jones. So we’ve seen the possibility of a DC trade for Marion but if not who can we sign : Barnes? Young? Or the players we are already linked to : Green and Delfino. I think Barnes is the only one who can defend really well and he’s a smash mouth type of guy (but not great BB IQ)

_ At PF, West and the Hansbrough question : can he improve from last season?

When at the end of last season I thought Hansbrough could develop to a margin starter, I, now, like the most of us, ask myself if he can be our backup PF. I still hope with a good training camp and his strong work ethic he will return next season better, he’s a competitor and I think he will rebound BUT if we can sign Brand I’m all for it, Brand played PF and C successfully last season for the 76ers he can be a really good option to back up Hibbert and West, we’ve seen that having an option at C to play smallball is essential so he’s the option.

_ ROOOOYYY is back at C and this is a great news but : Roy got no answers for PnR defense and our back up is Miles Plumlee.

Like I said signing Brand is a good option, if we opt to not sign an expensive SG we probably can spend more money here and try to sign Kaman who would be fantastic as a backup 5/4. If we don’t have the money I think a good option can be Mahinmi who is still young (26) big and can defend the PnR better than Hibbert.

Right now I think a Mayo/Mahinmi or a Green/Brand combination would be great for the Pacers.

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