Pacers 26th Pick Tournament Round One: Jeff Taylor vs. Quincy Miller


For the spirit of the NBA Draft season, I'm going to give you all a tournament of which prospect moves on. I will have three rounds of many prospect going up against each other. Once I give you the full analysis, I will have a poll at the bottom of the page to see who you vote to advance on in the tournament. Who do you want the Pacers to draft?

In the first matchup, we have a battle of experience and polished talent (Jeff Taylor) against young talent that's oozing with potential (Quincy Miller). Small forward is a need in the draft. We need a legitimate back-up to Danny Granger that can provide an instant impact.

Here's the tale of the tape of Taylor vs Miller:

Jeff Taylor: Athletic wing who can shoot from all around the court. He's known for his lockdown defense as well. Taylor has slowly developed into a star at Vanderbilt by improving year in every category. This season, he averaged 16 points per game for the Commodores.

The swedish born Taylor needs to improve on his ball handling skills. He averaged three turnovers a game with the Commodores this season. Also, when a player locks him down on offense, he tends to lack moves in creating his own shot. If he can improve these areas, he could become an All-Rookie type player.

He could be well groomed by Danny and maybe even replace him in a few years.

Taylor can help the Pacers with his versatility on both ends of the court. He can be used well in the second unit with his shot-making ability to give us a jolt. The Vanderbilt forward could come in and make an instant impact for Indiana.

Here's a video from Swish Scout analyzing Taylor's shooting:

Jeff seems like a guy who can be a streaky shooter on the next level. When he gets hot, he's hard to stop.

On the negative side, here's Taylor's ball handling:

Swish Scout is a very nice in-depth website on every prospect in the draft. From these videos, if you go to the link for the profiles, these clips would make more sense if you didn't know what these were for.

Now, we get to Quincy Miller from Baylor. He's only 19 years old and is oozing star potential.

Miller hurt his knee and he hasn't looked the same since. He struggled a little bit at Baylor and it shocked many that he declared for this year's draft. He averaged 11 points per game for the Bears on their run to the elite eight.

What could make Quincy appealing to teams is his explosiveness to the rim and his true potential. As mentioned, the knee injury hasn't shown his full repertoire of moves yet. He can score in bunches when he's fed the ball. He didn't get that much of a chance with Baylor's supporting cast of Perry Jones III and Quincy Acy.

The negatives on Miller is that he needs to add some muscle to his 210 pound frame. Miller likely needs to bulk up to around 225 or 230. Also, Miller has bad shot selection and is very inconsistent. If he could bring it all together, he could shine in the NBA.

He could fit on the Pacers as Danny's back-up for a while until he eventually takes over for him. Quincy could thrive in the second unit alongside Tyler and Lou in the frontcourt. Darren Collison throwing lobs to Miller would be exciting to see at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Miller has more star-power than Taylor and if he reaches it to the fullest, we could be seeing a scary duo with Paul George and Miller.

Here's two videos from Swish Scout on Miller's shooting and his 6'9 build and how it negates and helps him:

His shot selection can be erratic, but with good coaching he could blossom into a star.


As mentioned above, Miller will need to add some weight to his 210 pound frame. He needs to continue to grow into his body to reach is full potential.

Who's going to advance to round two in the Pacers 26th pick tournament, Jeff Taylor or Quincy Miller? Vote down below in the poll so we can have a winner advance on.

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