Another Draft Trade Option

I keep seeing people mention that the Pacers should trade up to the #2 pick but honestly, after Anthony Davis, the next 5-6 players have very similar potential. None are sure super stars but all seem like solid contributors. While I am open to the idea of trading Danny Granger, people seem to be over valuing him. Several times in the post season he faded. Like any solid contributor he had stretches where he played great, and some not so great. However, I have some other ideas in terms of Pacer moves for the upcoming NBA draft.

Portland Plan.
Pacers trade Darren Collison, Tyler Hansborough, and #26 to Portland for #6 and #11. That would give Portland a solid starting caliber PG, which they need, and a solid PF to back up Aldridge as well as a solid developmental prospect with the #26 pick. The Pacers could select a solid SG and a solid PF to take West's place when he leaves or retires. It may be a stretch but this helps both teams. Another option would be to send Granger and Collison for the #6 and #11. The reason I would be fine giving up Granger is due to salary concerns. He's on the down side of his career and is due $27M over the next two years. Trading him would allow the Pacers to comfortably sign Hibbert and Hill while still having significant cap room to work with.

Golden State Plan.
Golden State would like give up #7 and #30 along with #35 for Danny Granger. They are in desparate need of a SF and Granger fits the bill. Additionally, the Pacers already have a fairly good relationship with them as they made a mutually beneficial trade last summer. The addition of the #30 and #35 picks would allow the Pacers to get more quality bench depth, while #7 would allow them a solid starter at either SG or PF.

Toronto Plan.
This trade would again involve Collison and the #26 pick for Toronto's #8. Dion Waiters could be the "prize" at #8 as thought by most prognosticators. Toronto needs a quality PG and could get a solid player at #26

New Orleans "Other Pick" Plan
The Pacers could get the #10 pick for simply taking on Ariza's contract. That'd give them a solid backup to West. If they didn't want to take on the extra salary, the could also trade DC for the #10 pick.

Admittedly, I don't know if the salaries match up exactly on each of these deals but I would imagine it could be easily worked out.

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