Offseason Needs

Ive been a Pacer fan all my life, and am glad to see the passion back in the Circle City. Us fans were treated to a wonderful year, and I feel we can improve enough to take the championship step this offseason.

I dont think we need to go after a Deron Williams, but improve on our mantra of team. The two biggest weaknesses i saw were a B/U big for Hibbert and scoring punch off the bench. The Pacers held their own or were better than the Miami starters. (and Chris Bosh would not stop our interior demolition of their bigs) i would draft Festus Ezeli (Vanderbilt) or trade back and draft Kyle O'Quinn (Norfolk State). Both players are long, athletic, and can play the 4 and 5. I like O'Quinn more because he has an inside/outside game and he can pass. With this pick, you solidify the 5. In free agency, I would go after Anthony Randolph and Gerald Green. This solidifies our wing and big rotations. Randolph can play the 4 and Green can play the 2 and some 3. I would then re-sign Roy Hibbert and George Hill to 5 year contracts, Lou Amundson and A.J. Price to 2 year contracts, and Kyrylo Fesenko to a 1 year deal. Also, i would re-sign Dahntay Jones if he opt out.

Then i would trade Darren Collision and Tyler Hansbourgh for draft picks. As great as they've been, I think we can do better. The problem i see with both of them is if their not scoring their a liability on the defensive end. My vision for the team is a 9/10 man rotation of guys (could be shorten if necessary) that can rebound, defend, and score. This punishes other teams for double teaming as there always will be an offensive threat on the floor.

I thought of these moves in trying to figure out how we beat and match up with Miami best. (which we didnt see with Chris Bosh out). Miami as constructed can put out 2 powerful lineups:


SG: Battier

SF: James

PF: Haslem


This is a strong offense, defense, and rebounding lineup, with all 5 guys able to crash the boards. I would match up this lineup with:


SG: George

SF: Granger

PF: West/Randolph

C: Hibbert

This is a strong defense, offense, and rebounding lineup

Their second is:



SF: Battier

PF: James


This is a very athletic, offensive, and pressure defense lineup

I would counter with:

PG: Hill/Stephenson

SG: George

SF: Granger

PF: Randolph

C: Hibbert

And their defensive assignments are:

PG: Hill/Stephenson-Chalmers

SG: George-Wade

SF: Randolph-Battier

PF: Granger-James

C: Hibbert-Bosh

We would dominate them on the interior of the offensive end and be able to match up on the defensive end without helping. Randolph can sag if needed since Battier isnt a threat to beat his man off the dribble, and Randolph can recover if he needed to close out. Randolph has great jumping ability and a ridiculous 7'3'' wingspan.

This fixes our bench problem and gives up guys that if their shot isnt falling. They have the ability to defend without help and rebound. Barbosa, Hansbough, and Collision were liabilities in these areas.

This gives us a 2012-2013 roster of:

PG: Hill/Stephenson/Price

SG: George/Green/Jones

SF: Granger/George

PF: West/Randolph/Amundson/Pendergraph

C: Hibbert/O'Quinn

This gives us 13 players we the only real weakness being a veteran point guard and a B/U SF just in case of injury.

What do you guys think? Leave your thoughts.

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