Why the Hornets took Austin Rivers

I couldn't stop thinking about why people think Eric Gordon and Austin Rivers could play together. And why people and analysts kept stating Rivers wants to move to PG? Has anyone watched him play? He is not a PG at all. Then I read this today and it made sense why they drafted Rivers:

Pacers Backing Up The Brinks Truck: Word from the draft process is that Hornets guard Eric Gordon is wavering on his interest in a long-term deal in New Orleans and that his preferred destination is the Indiana Pacers.

Apparently the affections for Gordon are mutual as sources close to the new Pacers front office say that they will make a “sizable” offer to Eric Gordon in hopes of either forcing a sign-and-trade with the Hornets or landing him outright.

Sources near the process in New Orleans say that while building around Eric Gordon has always been the plan, they are not about to tie up major money in a guy that clearly does not want to be there.

The Pacers looks to have as much as $21 million to play with in free agency, the question is how much will Gordon cost in cash, and in order to get New Orleans out of the way will it also cost the Pacers Paul George?

The Hornets are not open to taking back large long-term contracts so a sign-and-trade would have to be built around guys on rookie deals.

Gordon has never wanted to be in New Orleans, and I believe the Pacers can get him in a sign and trade. I think we offer some kind of combination with Granger, Collison, Hansbrough, and a future first rounder for Eric. If we can throw in Granger, we would also have enough money to sign a true PG and move George Hill back to the bench as a sixth man combo guard. Therefore, I think we should explore Steve Nash. There were rumors about him last year, and I think he can still play for another 2-3 years. I already know the haters coming out of the wood works- Eric gets hurt too often, Nash is old, blah blah blah. We are never going to take the next step as long as Danny Granger is our go to scorer. Hibbert is not a go to scorer either, and we can't rely on West for every critical hoop.

Lineup: Nash, Gordon, George, West, Hibbert

Bench: Hill, maybe Tyler, D Jones, the rookie SG or Lance, Plumlee

Let me hear the hate... I mean your thoughts?

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