Should The Pacers Give Brandon Roy A Phone Call?

I'm sure those of us that are NBA fans were thrilled to see Brandon Roy's emergence on the scene as an emerging superstar for the Portland Trailblazers. Battling various knee injuries as well as degenerative knees forced Roy into early retirement earlier this season at the very age of 26. With the New CBA Portland used their Amnesty Clause to void Roy's Contract an save themselves some money. Our "GM" or "Soon To Be GM" Kevin Pritchard is familiar with him because hes is the one who made the draft day trade to grab him back in the 2006 draft. With Roy considering a comeback to the NBA. I think the pacers should put in a phone call to see how healthy he is. Maybe even work him out and just invite him to training camp to see how he holds up...

This is just my opinion and an Idea on a possibility to make the pacers a better team for the upcoming season. Also this is my first post so I apologize for any errors..thanks for reading

USA Today's Article on Roy Targeting Comeback

Yahoo Article

Clutch Gene

Brandon Roy has taken as well as made alot of clutch shots in his short NBA career, alot of people probably remember the shot he hit against Houston with 0.8 secs left on the clock in overtime. He actually hit a few big shots that game, but if you dont rememeber or just havent seen the shot here it is Here

This is something the Pacers have missed since Reggie retired, I may even go as far as to say since Steven Jackson Retired. Yes I know Danny has taken some shots in his career but I don't think its on the level of Brandon Roy. During Clutch time chances are the Pacers will probably be playing small, if they keep the same roster (Meaning If Danny isn't traded). This would depend on Paul's Development, during the playoffs there were alot of times during close games where Vogel would keep Paul on the bench. There are alot of what ifs because GH3 and or Paul could grow into that role, but is that a chance The Organization as well as fan are willing to take? Being patient is a very difficult thing after fans watch their team get a taste of success in the postseason.

Ball Handling
Roy has been known to be the primary ball handler during his time with Portland, This shouldn't be a problem if he accepts a bench role. Downside to this is that it created problems with him and Andre Miller, During crunch time this would allow GH3 as well as Danny, to play more off the ball to use their respective shooting ability.

Roy is a leader and a constant professional, so he would fit in with the family-type atmosphere the pacers have without problems.

The Flaws

You cant have all those positives without some negatives, Well the obvious thing to point out is health. He wont play all 82 games, he may not play 50 games in a season. There could be a chance he may not even be around when the playoffs started, but if he is he would make your team/bench that much better. Inexperience He has never been out of the first round of the playoffs so he doesnt have that experience stepping up his level of play each round. Would he even be willing to take a bench role? Chances are he would have too, if he wanted to get back into the league.I believe he did have a problem coming off the bench his last couple seasons in Portland. What would be the type of money would he want? He would have to probably be on a 1 year vet minimum type of contract for a year to year basis. Knees are tricky because they could go at anytime

I know alot of this is banking on if Brandon Roy's knees are back to within playing ability, the pacers will have to mange him like they did Jeff Foster, we will never know if his knees can hold up for 82 games. It could be possible to just bring him into training camp to see how he holds up. Its possible Roy could still have his all-star form even with his bad knees which could help improve the pacers bench right away. So You be the judge, should the pacers at least make a phone call to B.Roy?

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