My Dream Offseason...

My opinion is that we are fairly close, even though the injuries to Marquee players in the Eastern Conference Bulls, Magic, and Knicks made our path easier this year.

No mega trades, or bank busting Free agent signings... Just adding depth and versatility.

All of this assumes that we re-sign Roy Hibbert and George Hill.

Free Agent - Landry Fields

SG/SF, 23 years old, 6'7", 215 lbs. 8.8ppg, 2.6apg, 4.2rpg. Solid 3-point shooting to spread the floor, good defender and rebounder. Speed and length to handle Dwyane Wade, Size and length to help on Lebron James.

We need some consistent 3-point shooting, and more importantly scoring off the bench. Fields decision making and defense are a huge upgrade to Leandro Barbosa coming off the bench, and at a much lower price. The acquisition of Fields and his versatility would most likely would make Lance Stephenson's team option expendable as well.

Finally, he is 23... Landry Fields with Dahntay Jones' contract expiring next year would insure some continuity. Paul George (22) Landry Fields (23) that is some youth and talent as Danny Granger moves into the twighlight of his career. I like solid continuity.

Free Agent - Ian Mahinmi

C, 25 years old 6'11", 230lbs. 5.8ppg, 4.7rpg, .5bpg. Solid Rebounder and Defender that comes off the bench to help spell Roy and handle the Dwight Howard's and Amare Stoudamire's of the league. Does not need any shots and comes with Western Conference and playoff experience.

Not flashy, but a cost effective upgrade... but a young solid back up for Roy Hibbert and would give draft day versatility to grab the best palyer available, or Fab Melo would be a much smaller risk with Hibbert and Mahinmi playing in front of him.

Mahinmi is a significant upgrade to Lou Amundson at a much lower price.

Wishful thinking on my part... The top two are Low Risk additions that could pay High Rewards.

As David West moves into the last year of his contract, if we could get a verstaile power forward like Jeff Green while his stock is lower than market value would be great. Unlikely, but adding Jeff Green and letting him play behind David West next year would give the second unit some much needed scoring. Pacers would have more options as West's contract expires.

The Pacers have the depth to take this risk. Probably could not swing all three... but it would be nice!

All of that said,

Re-sign Hibbert and Hill, add Fields and Mahinmi (Basically replacing Barbosa and Fesenko) and the #26 Draft Pick and the Pacers have improved. We have enough spots that we could re-sign AJ Price for depth at the point and keep Lance Stephenson for one more if we do not already know what we have. Or find a way to keep Amundson instead, I like his size and hard work!


4.2 $762,195 3 Pt Shooting, Rebounding, Team play, Defense, Hustle
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