Pacers Off-Season Rumors: Would Ersan Ilyasova Be a Fit?

Mar 24, 2012; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Milwaukee Bucks forward Ersan Ilyasova (7) grabs a rebound during the second quarter against the Indiana Pacers at the Bradley Center. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE

The Pacers will have some cap space to work with this off-season and having a nice scoring big man coming off the bench is a need of ours. If we can't get a forward in the draft, would you go after Ersan Ilyasova in free agency? I would go after him if the price isn't too much. Brooklyn, Cleveland, and Milwaukee will all try to wine-and-dine Ilyasova this Summer.

Check out after the jump the positives and negatives of adding Ilyasova to the Pacers this off-season.

Would you go after Ersan Ilyasova?

According to reports Illyasova will demand and likely get a multi-year deal and get around eight million a year. Would you offer Ersan a four year deal worth around 32 million? I don't think so, but will go through the positives and negatives of adding a player like this to our roster.

Ersan is a stretch four kind of player. He could bring a better element of scoring to the second unit. He could play a nice pick-and-pop game with the guards that could be deadly against opponents.

He's a great rebounder. He fights hard on the boards and gets many offensive rebounds and kicks it out right away to open defenders. Ilyasova brings his hard hat and lunch pale when he's rebounding. He shows great toughness and tenacity on the offensive end. Who wouldn't want this kind of player on their team who can score and rebound with the best of them.

Ilyasova averaged 13 points and eight rebounds a game for Milwaukee last season. He's only played three years in the league and hasn't reached his peak yet. Once David West's contract expires after next season, you could have Ersan play they for the next five plus years if they wanted to.

He improved mightily from the 09-10 campaign compared to this season. It was amazing how he peaked near the end of the year and become a true force down low and from 20 plus feet.

Look down below at Ersan's stats (scoring and rebounding) from his 09-10 season to his 11-12 season via



Yes, that's pretty darn impressive right there. If he would be willing to go back to a small market like us, he could be a true stud for us starting off on the bench and in a starting role once West's contract expires.

Ersan even had an incredible game against the New Jersey Nets in February where had an incredible stat-line of 29 points and 25 rebounds. Here's some highlights of the game below:

If he could put up these kind of games just some of the time. It would be helpful for any team in the NBA. I have Ilyasova as a wildcard free agent who could really help a franchise right away and down the road, especially us here in Indiana.

There are some negatives of going after Ilyasova as well. He expressed that he would possibly head back overseas if he got the money he wanted. Also, I would expect him to go to a big market like Brooklyn over any small market team like Milwaukee or Indiana.

Ersan isn't that great of a defender either. He tends to get bullied down in the post and is mediocre on the perimeter as well. His defense has many holes in it like swiss cheese. I don't think you would want Ilyasova on the court when you trying to win the game with a defensive stop. He's a hard worker on that end, but he just can't stop the quicker and stronger guys against him.

I would expect Ilyasova to not consider Indiana unless we offered him a deal exceeding 25 or 30 million. I don't know if you guys would offer him that money, but I wouldn't for now. He still has to have one good year to prove he's legit. Who knows, he could've just had a "one year wonder" kind of year with Bucks or he's a budding star.

Now, I bring the question to you. Would you go after Ersan Ilyasova this summer and put him in the blue and gold?
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