Game 4's 6 Moments of Awesome and 4 Moments of Fail


1. David MF'in West. That is all.

2. George Hill in the 4th and Overtime. He hit some big shots and free throws down the stretch to make up for his crap play.

3. Hibbert had 14, 11, and 3 blocks (and a pretty pass in the 4th) despite only getting 7 shots. Granger didn't shoot very well but he still had 21 points and 7 rebounds.

4. DC played well off the bench again, contributing 11 points, 9 assists, and 2 steals on only 18 minutes. Starting to think Hill AND DC should get some run together because they are both playing better than Barbosa and George right now.

5. Last possession defense. Forcing a time out and then forcing a Baby Davis fade away over a more athletic, taller Paul George, not to mention Davis in overtime was probably on a ventilator during time outs. I'll take that.

6. We won and are up 3-1. Sometimes that is enough no matter how stressful a game was.


1. ESPN Announcers. I live in Florida so I get the local Fox channel for Orlando. And many times during game I thought I was on that channel and not ESPN. What does it take to get some love? They should be ashamed for themselves.

2. Barbosa and Paul George's "Defense." Barbosa's defense consisted of falling all over the place and getting blasted by screens. George's defense consisted for falling for every pump fake in the world and you can tell he was only in college for a couple years due to his horrid fundamentals (nice job guarding Baby's fade away though.

3. Vogel in the 4th. Some of his play calls were horrid. We kept throwing the ball to a dead tired West over and over and got nothing out of it. Roy only got 7 shots all game and hit 7 of them. Why no plays for him? Some of our substitutions aren't making any sense. I don't even like DJ but why can't he get some run when Barbosa isn't hitting a shot? Or when PG is being utterly worthless? And why only 18 minutes for DC when he contributed so much in such a little amount of time?

4. The 4th quarter in general. Letting Orlando outscore you 28-16 and blowing a huge lead and giving your fans a heart attack just isn't right. The defense was non existent, we had some stupid fouls, couldn't score... couldn't do anything but hang on for dear life.

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