2012 NBA Most Improved Player: Ryan Anderson Picks Up Award Before Game 4

The Indiana Pacers will be facing the NBA's Most Improved Player on Saturday afternoon when they take on the Orlando Magic. Forward Ryan Anderson was named this year's recipient of the rather dubious award which let's a player know the media didn't think much of your game last season so now we'll raise the bar on your future.

At least that 's how it went for Danny Granger when he won the award after the 2008-09 season. Plus, Anderson gets a little spotlight on him when he is struggling to deal with the Pacers' front court. David West has been doling tough lessons in the post all series long and I actually thought Anderson stood up pretty well in the first two games, at least from a physical, toughness stand-point. But his production has been nullified and he appeared worn out in Game 3, so hopefully this doesn't fully recharge his game from behind the arc.

Pacers guard Paul George earned two first place votes and one second place vote, which as Jared Wade at 8.9 points out, is nutty. The kid is just starting to play. Roy Hibbert makes more sense for this type of award considering he made the All-Star game and has shown improvement. Hibby picked up a second and four fourth place votes.

Along the lines of Jared's thinking on rookies, how about Jarrett Jack and Tony Parker getting votes? After a certain point, a player isn't really improving, they are just having a good season.

Oh, well. After the jump, check out the full voting totals for the award.

Player 1st Place (5 Pts) 2nd Place (3 Pts) 3rd Place (1 pts) Total
Ryan Anderson 33 27 14 260
Ersan Ilyasova 21 15 9 159
Nikola Pekovic 10 15 9 104
Greg Monroe 10 9 19 96
Andrew Bynum 13 8 7 96
Jeremy Lin 10 8 17 91
Goran Dragic 4 8 10 54
Avery Bradley 4 4 4 36
Danny Green 3 3 3 27
Jeff Teague 1 5 7 27
Serge Ibaka 2 2 0 16
Ty Lawson 1 3 2 16
Paul George 2 1 0 13
Steve Novak 1 2 1 12
DeMarcus Cousins 0 2 5 11
Kevin Love 1 0 3 8
Roy Hibbert 0 1 4 7
James Harden 0 2 1 7
Gerald Henderson 1 0 1 6
Marcin Gortat 1 0 1 6
Kyle Lowry 1 0 0 5
Andrew Bogut 1 0 0 5
Marc Gasol 1 0 0 5
Gordon Hayward 0 1 1 4
Arron Afflalo 0 1 0 3
C.J. Watson 0 1 0 3
Brandan Wright 0 1 0 3
Tony Parker 0 1 0 3
Jarrett Jack 0 0 1 1
Marreese Speights 0 0 1 1
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