Game 1's 10 Moments of Fail

1. Danny Granger's missed free throws that would have iced the game.

2. Danny Granger's 8 footer he missed at the end of the game with not a single shot blocking presence on the court.

3. Paul George missing 2 of the most wide open threes possible at the end of the game. He is playing like he has no confidence whatsoever.

4. George Hill's awful, just awful defense on Jameer Nelson. Isn't he known for his defense?

5. Roy Hibbert's offense. It consisted of holding on to the ball in the post for 15 seconds and then throwing something at the basket against a player 8 inches shorter than he is.

6. Lou Amundson's finger roll. Oh. My. God. Please, never ever ever again.

7. Tyler Hansborough, in general. Even when he has a clear path to the basket, he still somehows manages to run into people and throw up terrible looking shots. He has virtually no offensive skills at all. How the heck did he get his shot blocked for times on a team that is starting Glen Davis at Center?

8. Frank Vogel's coaching. Out of time outs we are producing NOTHING. Orlando would come out of time outs with great looks, we come out and throw the ball to someone and stand around, even though we have exactly ZERO one-on-one players on our team.

9. Our bench, in general, was downright terrible, outside of DC's defense of all things. We might as well had just let Price come in and jack up shots.

10. Some fans in the game thread acting like all is doomed already. I remember one poster saying we should trade Granger and a first round pick for Gordon to go along with many other posts about getting rid of Granger, like he was the only player that sucked last night. Did we forget how well he (and everyone else) played after the all-star break? Next up, we will start to see threads popping up to trade for Randolph, Josh Smith, Gordon, and Steve Nash at this pace.

Hopefully next game, I can write "Game 2's 10 moments of Epicness"

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