Looking Forward to Summer of 2012

I know a lot of you are tired of the posts involving what the pacers should do come summer time because a lot of you are looking forward to the playoffs starting this weekend and will worry about summer afterwards.

But... I can't help but to think about summer possibilities

Some of these possibilities can occur depending on how well the pacers do in the playoffs because this can attract some very quality free agents

First off lets look at the Money (Cap Space)-Current salary cap for 2011-2012 season is 58 mil

1. Currently this season the Pacers have a $57,765,981 payroll after barbosa trade and fesenko signing

2. After season only Granger, West, George, Hansbrough, Collison, Stephenson, and Pendergraph are under Contract at a total salary of $34,761,718 so the Pacers will have roughly $23,238,282 in Available Cap Space (Foster, Barbosa, Posey, Amundson, Price, Fesenko--All come off the books)

-Hibbert and Hill are RF---Hibbert has a Qualifying Offer of $3,655,089---Extend it

-Hill has a Qualifying Offer of $3,079,466---Extend it

3. Hibbert will have a market considering the lack of quality centers in the NBA--Analysts expect Roy to command around 10 to 12 mil per season on new contract--So well go on the high end and give him the 12 mil

-Ill get to HIll later

4. That leaves us with $11,238,282 in cap space

5. Now Dahntay Jones has a Player option that pays him $2,900,000 next season (hopefully he declines it) so im going to say he does (citing he might make that somewhere else or close to it and go somewhere where he gets more PT and a bigger role in a rotation) ----Add that salary back to our cap space leaves us at $14,138,282

6. Lance Stephenson has a team option of just under 1 mil for next season at $915,243

-If we decline it then it puts us at $15,053,525

7. We know have $15,053,525 in cap space and still have our core of Granger, West, George, Hansbrough, Collison, Hibbert, and still have the rights to HIll

-NOW is the time to spend it on one of two people

-Deron Williams OR Steve Nash

8. LeBron James contract pays him $16,022,500 for this season we almost have that much here so if we offer him this cap space he might take it. But in order to come here, one would have to assume he would rather play in Dallas (his preference, although on the wrong side of a championship team) or Brooklyn (where he can make the most money) but why not come to Indiana (Where he can win). He probably would want a sign and trade with Brooklyn because he can make the most money with a max contract. We offer Collison, Pendergraph, and our first RD to Brooklyn for a sign and trade to bring in Deron Williams. This could work because they would rather get something for him then nothing. Collison would become expendable and fall out of the rotation due to Williams presence and Williams would not only be close to Illinois but he would compete with Derrick Rose in the same division on a young up and coming team. Sounds plausible, albeit farfetched.

-If you do this we still have the rights to George Hill and can match any offer (plus a team can go over the salary cap to resign their own players, since we already spent our cap space on Williams and Hibbert. it would leave us in the negative cap space but a very good, talented, young roster that would be close to contending for roughly the next 5-7 years

-This leaves us with a lineup of Williams, George, Granger, West, Hibbert and HIll, Hansbrough, coming off bench. (Then we go out and use our mid-level exception and bring back Barbosa or maybe a Jamal Crawford and bring back fesenko at minimum or something. But it brings in a star but ruins our depth we had this year.

9. Option #2 Steve Nash, although older than williams, Nash would be cheaper and probably a better leader and in my opinion fits and adapts to our chemistry better.

Nash would cost around 6-8 mil per season and he said he wants a 3 year deal. I say give him a 2 yr deal and a team option on the 3rd. If we kept him all 3 years it would make him almost 42 years old YIKES. But... out of the $15,053,525 if we gave him the high end it would leave us with 7,053,525 with which we can use to resign Hill to a long term deal.

Now we have a lineup of Nash, George, Granger, West, HIbbert, and HIll, Hansbrough, Collison, Pendergraph, plus whoever we draft coming off bench. And we still have the mid level exception to bring back someone like barbosa or amundson or both or a Jamal Crawford etc.

But...Who needs 3 starting caliber Point Guards...No one...This leaves us the option of trading Collison and acquiring something that helps us out...Possibilities.

Maybe trade Collison, and first for something IDK well see

Plus Nash and West could come off the books around the same time and possibly granger if something catastrophic were to occur we lose the older players and still have our young core

What do you guys think...Comment Below...Just for fun but semi Serious...I Personally like going after Nash more than Williams. Plus with Nash we could probably keep Stephenson also and not have to give him up, more possibilties and less cap strapped than the williams deal

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