Guys, Just a thought for 2013

For 1 minute guys, lets jump ahead to this coming offseason. NOW, that Hill has taken over the starting role of point guard and DC as the back up it has raised some questions with a few Pacer dudes at my work place. I know, we must sign Roy, I'm think for 5 yr around 8 mil per. And then next on the agenda is to sign Hill, but I'm thinking a shorter tem until Danny and West's contract is up. Like a 3 yr 7 mil per. And then we offer LOU another year and sign Fez for the min. That kind of leaves Barbosa up in the air. If Bird continues to KEEP Hill at the starting point an option would be to sign Jarryd Bayless as a back up and keep Lance and hope he has more growth on the court. THEN we can try and pry Mayo and dangle Tyler and DC for a sign and trade. IF the numbers can the way, many on Cornrows are excellent with figuring out the cap room and numbers, blah, blah, blah much better than me and others. If we can get lucky and get Arnette Moultre to help back the 4 and 5 and hoping he learns on the fly under the wings of West and Roy and maybe sign Jordon Hill OR Anthony Randolph CHEAP! We could go into next season with:

  • Point Guard: G.Hill, Bayless, Lance
  • Shooting Guard: P.George, OJ Mayo
  • Small Forward: Danny, D.Jones
  • Power Forward: West, A. Randolph OR J.Hill
  • Center: Roy, LOU, Fez & Arnette who can also play mins at the 4.

Good line up yeah??? Still have our main core intact which is way working now and should be going strong chemistry wise come the start of next season, but we have added some back ups. Productive Back Ups!

A Slightly dif scenario. Bird does sign DWilliams to be our starter forcing Hill as the back up 1 & 2. We know Roy is getting signed BUT how will the structure now be since alot of money will be handed out to DWill? Would we be able to even sign Hill? This scenario has us leaving DC as our back up to Williams. Do we try and do a s/t for Mayo if we cannot sign Hill? Which the both (Hill & Mayo) will probably have near identical contracts. So....b/c of Williams contract we would be stuck with a 2013 line up of:

  • Point: D.Williams, DC, Lance
  • SG: Paul, Barbosa??? If we can get him cheap
  • SF: Danny, D.Jones
  • PF: West, Tyler, Lou
  • C: Roy, Fez and Arnette Moultre (which a few mocks have us picking him, but I see him gone by the time we come up to draft. But its mainly a Huge what if as I look at Arnette the next starting power forward when West steps aside and decides to come off the bench.

Could we conceivably get Williams say a 2 yr deal as well as Hill until Granger and West's contract is up to revisit they're contracts with a couple more yrs added.

I personally think Williams will choose a team like the Pacers because of how were playing, the chemisrty and he may enjoy playing alongside with Granger and West and a TRUE big man. But, he has talked about Dallas alot and Boston will have they're fingers everywhere this summer. If Bird can pull this off then were looking like:

  • Point: Williams, Collinson and Hill at times at the point
  • SG: Paul, Hill, Lance
  • SF: Danny, D.Jones
  • PF: West, Tyler, Arnette
  • C: Roy, LOU and Fez

Either way, we are going to somewhat blow up the 2nd unit a little unless we can make scenario 3 happen, then we basically just added DWilliams and our draft (some kind of big guy, hell if not Moultre then Tony Mitchell or Royce White...but it seems Arnette would be more to our style.

Recap?????? Solutions???? Can we make the numbers work to accomadate this team w/o loosing Hill or handcuffing us like the Jermaine circus a few yrs back. If its like that, then stick with scnario #1 and simply add around our main core to help..signing Bayless, Mayo and another PF/C big guy besides our draft.

Sorry to babble/ramble...just random thought on next season. Yeah-Yeah, I know. Lets get done with this season. But it doesnt hurt to ponder on what if's.

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