13 wishes, 13 days left before the playoffs begin.

I'm not going to make this one of my more eloquently phrased or edited posts. Probably going to be some grammatical and spelling errors. Not to mention I'm dying from seasonal allergies (never got them growing up in Indiana, but once I hit my mid-20s out here in Norther VA....they are killing me....and it's very dry and windy right now out here....yuk). I did make the great choice of drinking a few beers after taking Benadryl. That'll get you woozie.

I just want these guys to win as many games as they can, put forth a great effort, feel proud of what they've accomplished, and get the support from the home crowed when they play at BLFH.

1. DC gets healthy sooner than later and takes his role as the starting point back and plays as well as he had been a few games before the injury.

2. Fez can come in, effect some shots, get some rebounds, score a surprise FG now and then, foul hard enough to prevent 'and ones', and not make stupid mistakes with the ball in his hand or with out it. Just need like 8-10 minutes for a handful of games probably. Just lean on opponents best big and beat him up.

3. Barbosa can keep playing like he has lately and not like he did for a few games after his Pacers debut.

4. Granger can maintain his role as leader and keep up the great play/shooting and continue to smother defensively.

5. Hibbert can maintain his current level of play and relentless activity without getting gassed/winded and letting self doubt creep in.

6. Hansbrough can knock down some of those open jumpers and make better decisions with the ball in his hand, but keep getting to the line.

7. Lou can keep playing like LOOOOOUUUUU!!!!....and less like that guy we picked up for cheap to fill out our big man rotation early in the year.

8. Paul George can learn from his recent string of rookie type games and get back to smart, efficient defense and scoring as our #4 (or 5) option on the starting unit, but #2 or 3 scoring option on the 2nd unit.

9. This should be #1, but I hope we get the 3 seed AND have our first game on the 2nd day of the playoffs. This gives us 2 off days and some time to practice.

10. I hope we use that practice time to actually integrate Fez into the lineup beyond just garbage minutes, but also spelling bigs if they get in foul trouble or get over-powered by opposing bigs. I also want to use some practice time to add new wrinkles. One I'd like to see is a not so surprising lineup where Hill comes in to backup PG24 as the 2 guard, but the surprising part is that Hill actually plays the point and DC plays off the ball cutting to the basket as a scorer on offense.

11. Just keep at it. Getting back to that early season defensive intensity with an offensive mind-set that matches more closely to some of our better recent offensive stretches.

12. Hate to do this, but as a guy who's always looking to the future, I actually hope we lose 2 or 3 more games (preferably b/c 3 seed challengers are eliminated from the 3 seed race and we are resting fellas) and Memphis, the Clippers, and Lakers win enough games to draft after us. I know it seems silly, but if we aren't gaining in the East standings....I'd rather be getting lower in the 20s picking in this draft with no SUPERSTAR types at the top, but like 20+ prospects that would be solid lottery picks in most drafts draft position at the bottom 3rd of the draft has renewed meaning this year.

13. We hit our clutch FTs late in games in the playoffs. MAYBE that should be #1.

Sorry for the ramble, but there's plenty here to spark some convo.


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