This is (really) cheesy, but get on board

Clearly every person that participates on this site is a hardcore Indiana Pacers fan. Up until 53 or so weeks ago it was pretty easy to question why, but that's not how we roll, for better or worse. I love and appreciate you all, even the ones I perpetually think are out of their damn minds.

But the attendance and just overall buzz around the franchise is pathetic. We saw the Jazz game. Sure the Jazz don't have Kobe or Lebron or whomever, but they're a quality squad that brought a hometown hero home. And there were all of "11 thousand" people there. That's just not acceptable.

I don't know who to pin this on. Maybe the franchise isn't marketing itself as well as they could, I'd love a PR blitz with Roy as the face, commercials, interviews on the the 6/8/13 news, I don't know. I'm just downright saddened by the lack of interest.

The team's 17--7. They've beaten Chicago, Dallas, the Lakers, and Boston in their own buildings. The team's chalk full of guys I'd love for my non-existent son to look up to. They're good. Vogel needs someone carrying a boombox with Eye Of The Tiger blaring wherever he goes. There's no more gimmick JOB ball. The Fieldhouse remains one of the greatest basketball venues in the entire world. Tickets are really, really cheap. And hell, the Colts suck and will continue to for the immediate future. People are out of excuses is what I'm saying.

So if the team can't do it, I guess it's up to us. If at all possible buy a buddy a ticket to a game, let him watch Roy drop indefensible baby hooks over all comers. If attending's not an option for whatever reason, just spread the word. Talk about how good the team is to people who love and support IU and Purdue even though both are mediocre (IU's better, let's not get into that, but they're not contextually as good as the Pacers).

Anyway, that's enough emotional ranting. I'm just tired of strolling around Crawfordsville, all of 45 minutes west of Indy, in Pacers gear and getting "Pacers, really?" Followed with "oh, seriously, they're pretty solid?" So just tell a friend, a coworker, a loved one, do what you can to get people involved.

And if that wasn't enough sentimental cheese, I present this for your listening (dis)pleasure.

Honestly, listen to it. Longtime Pacers fans should be able to relate. Too much? OK, you're probably right. But still.



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