A Continuation on the 10-Day Contract Conversation-Some Realistic NBDL Options

I think the Pacers are in a tricky situation, but as Tom posted on the front page the other day, albeit slight, there is a chance the Pacers could score a diamond in the rough via a 10-day contract. Personally, I think completely overpaying a legit veteran or two for the remainder of the season is probably a more productive use of funds, but there are plenty of examples guys recently who've come out of the D-League, or some other obscure realm, to make an impact in the NBA. Jeremy Lin is the most recent example.

I'm not suggesting the Pacers expect to cherry pick some future star from an anonymous location. I am suggesting that they get some able bodied guys in here to bang around in practice and provide blows for our increasingly-depleted rotation, at least until Hill and Foster can get right.

Here are some NBDL guys who the Pacers could consider for 10-Day Contracts:

* Keith Benson-I thought he'd be a nice prospect after watching him his senior year. He was building momentum near the end of the season and leading into the tournament, and had generated quite a bit of hype for himself.

6'11, 230, 23 years old

Current Team-Sioux Falls Skyforce

Pros: One of the best shot blockers in the nation during his senior year at Oakland. Great timing and decent athleticism. Frame could probably stand 10-15 more pounds without sacrificing any of his explosiveness.

Cons: He's not very gifted offensively, and doesn't even rebound particularly well given his thinness. Very foul-prone. He'd be basically Solomon Jones only he'd have one discernible skill (shotblocking), as opposed to Solo, who was, by all accounts, good at nothing except for being tall. But Benson's ceiling is pretty low, and he'll likely never develop into a regular rotation guy.

* Tiny Gallon-A monstrous force in college for the Oklahoma Sooners, Gallon was a 2nd round draft pick in 2010, but never played a minute in the NBA. You can watch him eviscerate a backboard here on a failed alley-oop attempt vs. Gonzaga. It's probably what he's most known for.

6'9, 296 (or more?), 21 years old

Current Team-??? (He last played for the Maine Red Claws but I can't figure out where he is now)

Pros: In college Gallon was a physical beast. He wasn't so much an athletic specimen as a Robert Tractor Traylor-like monster, size-wise. Like many big fat dudes, Gallon was known for having good hands and feet, which helped him overcome his lack of athleticism. He was an Oak Hill product with plenty of high school hype and pedigree, as well as a freakish wingspan (something like 7 and a half feet).

Cons: He's was incredibly fat and turnover prone in his last D-League action, so it's hard to imagine him getting himself together for a true NBA debut. Even seemingly without trying Gallon was a very effective D-League post player, but there are red flags a plenty. Assuming he's even been playing basketball (and there's no evidence that he has on Google), he has character issues that go all the way back to a recruiting scandal in 2008. In college he showed flashes of absolute dominance, but it was apparent on first glance that he didn't have a professional attitude or winning mentality, and he probably never will.

* Terrico White-Combo swing man with tons of potential and no current NBA affiliation. White had hype coming out of college and can play several positions, as evidenced by his success in the D-League.

6'5, 215, 21 years old

Current Team-Idaho Stampede

Pros: Projected as a point guard prospect because of his vision and above average handles as a wing, White developed more into a penetrating 2, sort of in the poor man's Tyreke Evans mold. His wingspan is near 6'10 and he's got a high ceiling and developing jumper.

Cons: Despite potential, has never shown the intensity you look for in the pros, especially on defense. Still a little selfish and turnover prone, so the point guard dream may be dead.

* Patrick Ewing Jr.-Former IU defector and ultra-athletic oldest son of one of our least favorite HOF rivals has NBA experience as recently as last year.

6'8, 235, 27 years old

Current Team-Sioux Falls Skyforce

Pros: Big-time athlete. A hard nosed defender who doesn't mind hitting the deck and chasing down loose balls. Has added bulk recently and could probably guard backup NBA 4s. An adequate shooter who has evolved his offensive game since college.

Cons: Doesn't have a true NBA position. Is kind of like an off-brand version of his dad, stuck in Carl Landry's body. Tries hard, but will never be a complete NBA post player, and probably isn't quick or versatile enough to play on the wing full time. I dunno, seems like sort of an asshole.

* Mardy Collins-Versatile wing with NBA experience and good size for the position. Former first rounder will be looking for a way back into the NBA.

6'6, 220, 27 years old

Pros: Disruptive defender. Great hands and instincts on the perimeter. Good handles for a wing, and an above average basketball IQ.

Cons: Needs work on his offense, but he's running out of time. In college he scored most of his buckets in transition, after steals. Like White he was another oversized point guard project who never panned out, but in his case it was primarily due to his physical limitations; he can't score on quick NBA guards and never developed a way to consistently use his size to back them down.

Thoughts? I know there are some NBA vets out there we could also consider, such as Eric Dampier, Joel Przybilla (who seems like he's going to Miami or Chicag0), Krylo Fesenko or Julian Wright. But this post was just a look at some of the D-Leaguers we may consider. What do you guys think?

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