Retro Pacer

Father Time catches up to all of us. There's no particular year, no particular month, no particular day thats written in stone. It just happens. One day Father Time creeps up like a thief in the night, puts his hands on you, and on that day you realize you're getting older and your generation has passed. I remember clearly when that day was for me.

Before I share that day with you, let me tell you a little about BigBlackRichard. I'm a big guy, always been big. Despite my size I'm a pretty nimble guy. I could play some roundball. Not on a pro level, hell, not even on an NAIA level; but on the playground I could always hold my own. Down low, BigBlackRichard could get some work done. Rebounding, posting, and punishing was my skill set. I brought my son up having a no mercy attitude with him on the court. Block his shot at 6 years old? Yep! Throw a little elbow at him with a post move when he was 10? Yep! Lay him on his a@# when he was going to the basket at 15? You know I did! That brings me to the day I knew I was thru.

Three summers ago, my son is 19 years old. It was my first time out that year to play. We shoot for ball and he wins. Top of the key, I check the ball to him, he grabs it and blows by me like my feet were nailed to the court. As I stood there at the foul line watching him finish, I did the only thing that any self respecting father would do. I grabbed my hammy and faked an injury! I even had a fake limp going for a week to try and sell it. He had never beat me and I wasn't gonna let it happen. I told him I would heal up and we would play again. I never played him again and never will. I'm retiring on top! If I ever play him again, I won't be on top anymore. I am old, I can't do it anymore, my generation is a thing of the past. Of course I will always look back on my generation fondly. I will swear to my children and grandchildren that it was the greatest generation ever because it was mine. Not too many things remind me of the heroes of my generation, but we have a young Pacer who does.

Paul Georges game is sick! Smooth, explosive, skilled, and appears effortless. When I see him on the court I can squint my eyes and see George Gervin pouring in 40, Dr J dunking in Bill Waltons face, the Pacers winning yet another ABA championship. Oh the fond memories of the greatest generation :) After being inspired by the Pacers recent retro ABA uniforms I realized Paul is only missing one thing. The Superfly fro.

Sport the doo PG, grow it out and pick it out. Your game is 70's retro, you need the look that matches. The good lord knows you have the hairline for it. Do it for my generation. The generation that helped make the NBA the above the rim game it is today, the generation that brought you the 3 point line, the generation that brought the players your game is molded after.

I would like to start a petition for Paul to "sport the fro." If you would like to see it as well, post here and make your desire known....Finally I'll leave for your entertainment a couple videos of some of my childhood heroes (who Georges game reminds me of), and a classic 70's basketball song. Thank you Pacers nation

Julius "Dr J" Erving

George "Ice Man" Gervin

Paul George rookie highlights. It's a little eerie how much Pauls game reminds me of these two.

Cheech and Chongs "Basketball Jones." I read a comment below that this was a racists video. It's not. Keep in mind this was made in the early 70's. It's Cheech and Chong and they wanted it to be funny. EVERYONE in this video looks silly. White men, black men, Asian men, they all look silly. Believe me, BigBlackRichard would not post ANYTHING that was racists in any way.

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