Trade Deadline Rosterbation...To Absorb, or not to Absorb

We haven't had a rosterbation thread in a while, so here's one, if y'all wanna rec it up. Everybody mentions Indiana in trade (or former Chinese league free agent) talks because the Pacers have so much cap space and can absorb so much salary for teams trying to save money for next year. Can the Pacers add enough talent to lock down that #3 seed, which they tenuously own right now, without risking the current chemistry? Can they address some needs before deadline? What do you think?

A lot of the realistic deals out there could be completed just as easily this summer. I'll get the ball rolling with two potential deals, you guys can comment and/or add your deals and we'll endlessly discuss possibilities and criticize each other. Sound fun?

Trade 1: IND gets Rodrigue Beaubois and Shawn Marion, DAL gets Dahntay Jones and Lance Stephenson

* Indiana does it to trade two guys who probably aren't in the long-term plans anyway for two guys who could step right into the rotation. It sacrifices size on the bench, as Marion would have to play backup four (and Tyler Hansbrough splitting minutes at backup five), but imagine the defensive bedlam a wing rotation of George, Granger, Hill, Beaubois and Marion would cause. There'd be no stud offensive wing player we couldn't lock down. Marion's money wouldn't hamper the Pacers all that much next year; they'd still have enough to lock up Hibbert, but they may have to offer George Hill the MLE. Beaubois is not anyone's future at point guard, but he's still very young, and his defense and athleticism make him worth a rotation spot over Price. Besides, he may just need a change of scenery and a different offense to become more comfortable at the point. It's basically a salary dump where we get all the talent.

* Dallas does it because it saves them over $6 million this season and frees up enough money next season to sign Dwight Howard AND Deron Williams (a Dallas native who's expressed interest) at near-max deals. If the two of them did what the Collusion Triplets did in Miami, and took slightly less than max, Dallas could use exceptions and draft picks to fill out the rest of the roster. If the Mavs could unload Brendan Haywood on someone too (he's actually worth his contract finally) they'd be able to offer very close to true max deals. We all know Mark Cuban loves to spend money. I could totally see him taking a step back this year and letting OKC and San Antonio duke it out so he can re-tool next year with Williams and Howard. Dallas is a huge market. There's tons of expiring or team option money there. But to get two stars they can't keep Marion.

Trade 2: IND gets Jose Calderon and Leandro Barbosa, TOR gets Darren Collison and Dahntay Jones

* Indiana does it to upgrade Collison and provide a scoring rental off the bench. Barbosa and Granger would have to kiss and make up, but if they did, he's exactly the type of punch the Pacers' bench needs to get those scoring number up where they need to be, especially when Hansbrough or Hill are not playing well. Calderon may have his faults, but he's a distributor with prototypical size. Yes, he's overpaid, but he's a better passing point guard than we've had on this team since Mark Jackson, and he's only paid for one more year after this one, so absorbing him wouldn't kill the cap long-term. I like Collison, but it looks like he'll never have great NBA vision, at least not in our system, and I'm almost certain he'll never be physically capable of handling the position.

* Toronto is OBVIOUSLY trying to dump Calderon on someone so they can outbid Denver for Wilson Chandler. Literally the same day Chandler visits and shows interest in signing, Toronto starts pretending telling people that teams have called about Calderon. This deal saves them $13 million this year, $7 million next and turns their paltry $4 million of current cap space into a whopping $17 million; more than enough to overpay for Chandler. While it would be very difficult, logisitcally, for a deal like this to actually go down (in less than a week Chandler will have to re-sign for the rest of the season with Denver), it's a win for Toronto if they're ready to commit to a true youth movement. After the trade and Chandler signing their core would be Collison, DeRozan, Chandler, Ed Davis, Bargnani, James Johnson, the big center they drafted last year and whatever high draft pick they get this year. That's actually a pretty loaded nucleus with some scary potential.

What are your guys' thoughts? Any ideas for trades to help us? What would you like to see go down?

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