Pacers' Paul George Now Favorite To Win NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Competition

Now that New York Knicks guard Iman Shumpert has a bum knee heading into NBA All-Star weekend meaning he, along with Chicago-style ballot-box stuffing prop Jeremy Lin, have pulled out of the 2012 Sprite Slam Dunk Competition, the playing field has leveled for Indiana Pacers guard Paul George.

So it is no surprise that the oddsmakers at Bovada have updated their odds to win the Slam Dunk title and now have Paul George emerging as the favorite at 3 to 2 odds. Utah Jazz forward Jeremy Evans will replace Shumpert and give PG a run for his money by bringing a similar dunking game to the contest.

Here are the updated odds for the 2012 Sprite Slam Dunk Competition.

Player Odds
Paul George (IND) 3/2
Jeremey Evans (UTA) 11/4
Derrick Williams (MIN) 3/1
Chase Buddinger (HOU) 4/1

Bovada also has all of the odds for the other All-Star events including MVP odds for the All-Star game and Rising Stars game. Roy Hibbert is a big long shot for the big game MVP while Paul George isn't given much of a chance for the Rising Stars game which may be worth a closer look for some quick cash.

Check out all of the odds after the jump.

Odds to win 2012 NBA All-Star MVP

Player Odds
LeBron James 13/2
Dwight Howard 15/2
Kobe Bryant 15/2
Kevin Durant 7/1
Blake Griffin 9/1
Derrick Rose 9/1
Dwyane Wade 12/1
Chris Paul 14/1
Dirk Nowitzki 16/1
Carmelo Anthony 18/1
Andrew Bynum 20/1
Russell Westbrook 20/1
Paul Pierce 22/1
Kevin Love 25/1
Chris Bosh 25/1
Tony Parker 25/1
Deron Williams 30/1
LaMarcus Aldridge 30/1
Steve Nash 30/1
Joe Johnson 40/1
Luol Deng 40/1
Andre Iguodala 45/1
Roy Hibbert 50/1
Marc Gasol 50/1

Odds to win 2012 BBVA Rising Stars Challenge MVP

Player Odds
Jeremy Lin 5/1
Blake Griffin 7/1
Kyrie Irving 17/2
John Wall 9/1
DeMarcus Cousins 10/1
Ricky Rubio 12/1
Landry Fields 15/1
Greg Monroe 15/1
Brandon Knight 16/1
Kemba Walker 16/1
Evan Turner 16/1
Paul George 18/1
MarShon Brooks 18/1
Gordon Hayward 18/1
Kawhi Leonard 18/1
Norris Cole 20/1
Markieff Morris 20/1
Tristan Thompson 20/1
Derrick Williams 20/1
Derrick Favors 20/1

Odds to win 2012 Foot Locker Three Point Contest

Player Odds
Anthony Morrow 5/2
Ryan Anderson 3/1
James Jones 7/2
Mario Chalmers 4/1
Joe Johnson 13/2
Kevin Love 13/2

Odds to win 2012 Taco Bell Skills Challenge

Player Odds
Stephen Curry 3/1
Deron Williams 7/2
Russell Westbrook 7/2
John Wall 4/1
Kyrie Irving 11/2
Tony Parker 11/2

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