Time to trade DJ Augustin

Now that Ben Hans has shown that he can be a capable backup PG for us or at least more capable than DJ lol it is time to send DJ packing to the Lakers.

I have a trade that can help both teams out in the short term or at least the rest of the season.

First DJ was signed this offseason to a 1 yr 3.3 mil deal

Instead of letting him or at least 3.5 mil rott on the bench for the rest of the season and be a 3.5 mil cheerleader I say trade him to the Lakers for Antwan Jamison.

Send DJ and Pendergraph for Antwan Jamison and Earl Clark. Jamison was signed to a similar deal for 1 yr.

I dont know if the numbers work or not but i think this would be beneficial for both teams as jamison is on the outside looking in on the playing rotation at PF behind Gasol and the emerging jordan hill. Plus the lakers need a backup PG to run a fast paced Dantoni offense especially with Nash injured cause Duhon and Blake aren't cutting it.

it helps Pacers due to the fact that although Tyler Hans brings energy, toughness, D, and Rebounds he is lacking in the scoring department this yr whereas Jamison is the opposite, a great scorer and a veteran leader that can help this team along with West to be a leader and keep this team on track.

Trade 2 offseason signings for both teams that have underachieved and see if a change of scenery for the 2 players would do some benefit to the players and teams

Another scenario that i really like is to bring back a player from last year and that is trade DJ straight up to the Dallas Mavericks for Dahntay Jones. I know we traded him earlier this offseason and i was for it when it happened but i realized with the loss of Granger i actually kind of miss Dahntay who is on the last year of a deal that pays him 3 mil exactly. so the numbers work for DJ and Dahntay trade. With granger gone we have lacked some depth at the SF or SG spot depending on how our lineup is and Dahntay is a guy who can play both SG or SF and plays great D as well as showed that he is capable of knocking down open 3s which is something that we desperately need cause Sam Young (i like ya) but if i see another air ball so help me god lol and Gerald Green is about as inconsistent of a player in the league. So with Dahntay you know what ur gonna get and he knows the system and i believe he can come and help us without granger for a while. plus Dallas keeps having PG problems and inconsistency issues in the PG department so DJ would be welcomed to Dallas i believe plus they both become free agents after seasons end. Plus i Saw this the other night and said Damn Dahntay

Lastly this is my favorite scenario and i believe works for both teams and it brings in my favorite player in the NBA who is not currently on the pacers roster and that is to trade DJ to the atlanta hawks straight up for Anthony Morrow. this works for both money wise and basketball wise due to the fact that atlanta is just letting AMMO rott on the end of the bench because he fills the same role Korver and is getting paid 4 mil this season on the last yr of his deal. i think AMMO could be a great bench SG and he shoots the 3 as good as anyone in the league that is what i believe this team is lacking. I really believe that if we had a knockdown 3 point shooter to stretch the floor and someone who consistently knocks down 3 pointers that west or hibbert kick out to it would open the floor and keep the defense honest. Atlanta does not use Morrow and we dont use Dj so maybe they can find some tick for Dj or make him get them gatorade or something but they might be able to get something out of him and we could use AMMO specialty.

what do you think?

I think that I really liked the DJ signing before the season but know i just shake my head because i realized he has just not panned out or lived up to the expectations we had for him before the season began. I think we need to test the waters and try to find someone who can help us out this season and not just have payed Dj 3.5 mil to sit on the bench for the rest of the season. I would love if this benching lit a spark in him but i doubt it, he might just be a bust signing and need a change of scenery and maybe another player from another team that can use a change of scenery can help us.

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