Blow It Up Before It is Too Late

We suck.

We are barely beating (or losing to) the scrubs of the league. We got murdered by the only good team we have played.

Why do we suck? I don't know at this point. Did Hibbert get his contract and decide to be more of a wimp than usual? Is Granger a lot better than we thought? Is Vogel and Shaw a lot worse than we thought?

Honestly, who cares at this point. We suck because we suck. We spent a ton of money this off season and got WORSE. DJ sucks while DC is killing it in Dallas. Green looks like a player that excels on bad teams (stunning). We locked in our Center and Point Guard for the next 5 years and both of them look average at best (Hill) or downright useless (Hibbert).

Our, "please God be a star" player, Paul George, isn't that. It isn't in the cards. He will never carry a team like we need. He just doesn't have it in him. He is a very very good player. Borderline great defender. A great 3rd option. He would probably excel on a fast tempo team.

Our best player is a 30+ year old upcoming free agent who should never be asked to carry a team like he is trying to do.

The "we are going to win the Central!" war cry is dead and gone. We will be lucky to make the freaking playoffs. Honestly, I have no interest in limping in as the 8th seed and getting annihilated by Miami. Honestly, there is only one thing that makes since at this point...

Blow this team up. And blow it up now before our assets become even more worthless in a trade.

West's value is probably through the roof right now. He is perfect for any team needing a Four. Plus he is an expiring contract. Trade him and get some picks or young players back before he walks next year and leaves us with nothing.

Paul George? Trade him if we can get a likely top 5 pick back. We are going to over pay him in a few years anyway. His value won't be any higher than it is now. Let the other GM's think he can take the next giant step and turn into a star (which he won't be). Let some terrible team take him and give us a very high value first round pick.

Hibbert? Beg someone to take him. Beg them. Take back anything we can get. Get the albatross of a contract away NOW. Let some team think they can fix his confidence issues or whatever the hell is going on with him. We panicked and gave him this huge contract based a his awesome 5 game spurts surrounded by 10 games of him being absolutely useless. Let some other team pop in his good games against Miami and start salivating and let us hope they turn off the machine before he starts sucking again. The age of the plodding center is over anway.

Granger? Trade him. I love Granger. I always hated the "trade Granger" threads in the past. I don't think people realize how valuable it is to have someone on the team that can get 20 points and WANTS to get 20 points. How valuable it is to have a team think "we have to stop Granger" which lets people like Hibbert, George, and West function easier. But the time is here to trade him to a contender who needs a VERY solid #2 player on their team that can shoot and play more than adequate defense.

Trade the whole damn team before the league realizes how shitty our players are.

Am I overreacting? Most likely. I wouldn't mind it if they fired the whole coaching staff to start and begged Sloan or SVG to come in and light a fire under these players. I would pay to watch Sloan make Hibbert cry to be honest. But this team sucks and their only hope is to be mediocre. And honestly, I am done with mediocre. I have no desire to watch a team with not even a slimmer of hope of challenging the best in the league.

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