2012 NBA odds: Vegas likes Pacers to finish strong in the East

Michael Hickey-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Oddsmakers have the Pacers tied for second in the Eastern Conference based on over/under wins for the 2012-13 NBA season.

The Indiana Pacers talked a lot on media day about how good they expect to play this season as they chase the Miami Heat as one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference. Apparently, Vegas oddsmakers agree with that assessment.

According to the LVH SuperBook, the Pacers over/under for wins this season is 51.5 games which leaves them tied for second in the Eastern Conference with the Boston Celtics. The two teams are a distant second to the Miami Heat as LeBron James and company are listed with 60.5 wins.

Three teams in the Western Conference have higher projected win totals led by the Oklahoma City Thunder (60.5) then followed closely by the Los Angeles Lakers (59.5) and the San Antonio Spurs (55.5). Pretty nice company for the Pacers.

As for the other contenders in the East, the Chicago Bulls and Philadelphia 76ers are next in line at 47.5 games followed by the New York Knicks at 45.5. The seventh and eighth spots are split between the Atlanta Hawks and Brooklyn Nets at 43.5 games. Seems like with all of the hype out of Brooklyn, a 44-win season would be a disappointment.

Obviously, Vegas expects a competitive Eastern Conference playoff race with seven teams listed within eight games of each other. Check out a full list of win totals for each conference after the jump.

2012-13 NBA Eastern Conference Vegas Over/Under Win Totals




1 Miami Heat 60.5
2 Boston Celtics 51.5
3 Indiana Pacers 51.5
4 Chicago Bulls 47.5
5 Philadelphia 76ers 47.5
6 New York Knicks 45.5
7 Atlanta Hawks 43.5
8 Brooklyn Nets 43.5
9 Milwaukee Bucks 36.5
10 Cleveland Cavaliers 32.5
11 Detroit Pistons 32.5
12 Toronto Raptors 31.5
13 Washington Wizards 31.5
14 Orlando Magic 24.5
15 Charlotte Bobcats 21.5

2012-13 NBA Western Conference Vegas Over/Under Win Totals
1 Oklahoma City Thunder 60.5
2 Los Angeles Lakers 59.5
3 San Antonio Spurs 55.5
4 Denver Nuggets 49.5
5 Los Angeles Clippers 48.5
6 Memphis Grizzlies 48.5
7 Dallas Mavericks 45.5
8 Utah Jazz 42.5
9 Minnesota Timberwolves 39.5
10 Portland Trail Blazers 35.5
11 Golden State Warriors 34.5
12 Phoenix Suns 34.5
13 Houston Rockets 30.5
14 Sacramento Kings 29.5
15 New Orleans Hornets 25.5
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