Shumpert & Brooks Deals

Looking around the league there are a couple of rising stars that would be great to get our hands on.

1. Inman Shumpert - PG Knicks

In the 2010-11 season, Shumpert led his team in scoring (17.3 ppg), rebounding, and assists, becoming only the seventh player in ACC history to do so. He ranked fourth in the ACC in scoring, 15th in rebounds, 10th in field goal and free throw percentage, and first in steals (seventh in the nation). He was named to the second All-ACC team and was a member of the conference's all-defensive team.

He was the 17th pick of the Knicks and has started the season on fire even though he was injured for a few games. He has hit double figures the last six games since his injury. In collage he also spent a lot of time at the 2. I think he would be a great addition, and I think we could offer Lance Stephenson and a first to get him. The Knicks are still in trade mode with rumors now about Dwight Howard. They could use the pick in package for a later trade. Lance could go on to be the next great Knick

2. Marshon Brooks - SG

As a senior in 10 - 11, Brooks averaged 24.6 points per game, first in the Big East. Besides leading his team in scoring and rebounding, he was second in Division I in scoring. On February 23, 2011, Brooks scored 52 points against Notre Dame. He was drafted 24th by the Nets.

Brooks has been on a tear with the short handed nets. Scoring in double figures in eight of his last nine games with a season high of 21 in two games agianst ATL and Us. The Nets are also in trade mode trying to desperatly keep Deron Williams happy by bringing in more star power. I think we should trade Lance Stephenson and a frist to get him. Lance could go on to be a hometown hero.

I think the Pacers would be set on a solid playoff run with either of these guys. They can both handle the ball well, and create thier own shot. They are both ACTUAL scorers. They are not a project player from the hood that we hope in two years will be good, because he scored 12 points once in two years. Hopes don't win games that is for Suckers and Dreamers. Those players are good young talent that want it and are NBA ready. Their teams are looking for ways that they could improve theirself for Dwight Howard. I say take advantage of that, and we send our worst and most problemed player away. These deals are like throwing two girls down the stairs at the same time. I think Shumpert and Brooks are going to be stars in this league, so its time to cut bait and jump on some real born ready NBA talent.

Go PACERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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