Pacers rant kind of

Hello all. I'm recently new here, and I've been posting some here and there. I wanted to introduce myself. I am The_Dawson, and I have been a Pacers fan for 17 years. It was a perfect match from the start. I love this team, and have watched them go through awesome times, and the crappy times. The Finals to missing the playoffs for 4 straight. I thought when Reggie left, he left with out team still intact. Things didn't turn out so well. Things dwindled. We had horrible teams, and were in the worst spot in the lottery (14th) and losing, badly. Seeing this team now, and what it's become. It's almost unreal. This team is can be so good, beyond what we've seen so far. It's ridiculous. And something I've noticed tonight, looking at the roster. This team is reminding me of our finals team. Not comparing players by any means, but more so the style of play, the type of players we have, and most importantly, we're young. We have guys that somewhat mirror guys from those wonderful days of old.

Hansbrough reminds me a lot of Dale Davis, with his intensity and toughness, but with the ability to score.

West is like Antonio Davis, can score the ball well, but can play defense too, as well as rebounds. All around pro just like A. Davis

This is where it gets hinky. We have a Pg in DC that is NOT Mark Jackson. However, I believe I'm not alone with the thought that he is our best overall Pg since #13. I discount Tinsley because of what he became, although he is talented.

Paul George. Again, NOT Reggie Miller. But same as above, he's our best starting option since. He can get to the rack, and create way more than Reggie, although Reggie could shake and bake in his day. PG has recently shown his improving 3-point range as of late.

Danny Granger. The day we drafted him, I was glad we got him. I'll admit, I wanted Sean May first. Wow, glad we didn't. He stands out, because we haven't really had a guy like Granger before. Not at his scoring ability. In my opinion, he's always been kinda like a poor man's Scottie Pippen. He has the ability to be that good, but he's not there. I'm not sure if he ever will either, but I always felt his game was similar. BIg wings, can stretch the floor, can also take it to rim. Pippen was a better defender though. Way better.

Hibbert is and obvious comparison. He's 7'2. He's our next generation Rik Smits. Games are a little different yes, but there are similarities. Both hook shooters, both can hit the "jumper". Which is funny, because Smits couldn't jump, and Hibbert seems to not when he shoots that j. I think Hibbert may be a better defender than Smits. Or maybe he could be.

Call me crazy, but it sounds like we have a familiar (at least to me) formula than we've had in the past. The bench gets a lot of credit as well, but this is getting long. Just seems to me, we have a storm brewing in Indy. It's finally happening, and the Pacers are back. Ok I'm done. GO PACERS!

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