Something To Kick At

OK guys, Its starting to become a little stale here on Cornrows over the past few weeks. So I figure to stir up a few of you and post an upcoming possiblities for this season. HOPEFULLY, the CBA will end soon enough to have a full season which from what I have read, it appears to be more positive than the AUG meeting.

Lets start with a few free agents: David West is coming off a bad knee injury and is 32, but yet he still seems to be at the top of the wish list.

 Nene would be a great addition to mentor Big Roy and bring that down low defense and he won't be cheap plus it might cause Hibbert to jump ship after next season due to playing time/development. I think I'd rather keep Roy around. 

Carl Landry was high on my list a year ago but have been shot-down on Cornrows for his lack of rebounding. Landry would be a good addition as long as its cheap IMO and let Tyler come off the bench.

Other FA's possibilities at the 4: Jeff Green, Thadeous Young, Glen Davis, Reggie Evans

Another thing would be to trade Rush for Jason Thompson who can anchor the 4 and the 5 or make a trade for Paul Milsap who is also high on my list. We'd have to probably give up Rush, D.Jones and Posey as well as take back one of Utah's bad contracts.

I also would think the Pacers might want to go after a vetern wing player like Jamaal Crawford (very expensive), Micheal Redd (14-16 mins) to back up Paul George/Danny Granger or we could think "D" and go after Luc Mbah, Al Thornton or Reggie Williams.

AGAIN, my line up would be:

PG, Collison/Hill/Price SG, Paul George/Lance/D.Jones, SF, Granger/Williams/Posey, PF, Landry/Tyler, C, Big Roy/Thompson/Foster......Yeah, its not sexy, but its group that will grow together quickly. Good combination and rotations can create headaches for opposing teams.

If we want to make it look good on paper then we could spend some big money:

PG, Collison/Hill/Price, SG, Crawford/Lance/Jones, SF, Granger/George/Posey, PF, West/Tyler, C, Hibbert/Thompson/Foster.

This is just a couple of ideas to get through this lockout period and hoping it ends soon.

Lets hear your thoughts/Projected line ups.

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