IC Cold Links: NBA Lockout Lingers, Pacers Keep Playing Where They Can

The NBA owners and players entered negotiations yesterday in New York with all of the NBA-loving world hopeful they would emerge with the framework of a deal in place.

Instead they flushed all of the positive vibes, breaking off talks with no deal in place nor further talks scheduled. Despite the NBA media of all sorts trying to will a deal with the indications something positive was brewing, it appears the hold up is focused on the structure of the salary cap. Not necessarily the money shelled out via the cap, but the structure of the cap. In blunt terms, the owners want a hard salary cap and the players don't.

So we continue to wait with the renewed bluster of the season in jeopardy, agents talking player decertification and the owners saying, essentially, "What?" I pay no mind to dates and deadlines though, since the league could cobble together the start of the season in a couple of weeks regardless of when the lockout ends. Missed games? Maybe. Missed season? Looonngg way to go before that threat holds.

Meanwhile, the players keep finding ways to keep busy and keep their games in shape. The trio of Pacers at the Impact Series in Vegas have starter playing, Dahntay Jones scored 27 points (number of pump fakes unknown) and Brandon Rush added 16 in the Team H win yesterday. It doesn't appear that Paul George played since the general stat sheet shows an open line for PG.

Plenty of links after the jump with several great reports on the lockout and some highlights from Impact.

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