A FAIR set of rules that need to be established for a new CBA for the NBA



OK, first and foremost I would like to make it perfectly clear that the NBA lockout is happening for allot of reasons, but the main reason why it is happening is the fact that the 1999 NBA CBA created to establish roughly a 30 game season was a huge mistake on David Stern's part.  As a result for the past 12 years the NBA who's players union currently has less members then the NFL, MLS, NHL, and MLB organizations has had more over priced veteran players like Stephen "Just Shoot Me" Jackson, Mike Dunleavy Jr., Gilbert Arenas, TJ Ford, and Jamaal Tinsley then the MLS, NFL, NHL, and MLB along with attendance at an all time low and recently being surpassed by the NHL.  As a result to the 1999 CBA 22 of the 30 NBA teams are losing money and believed by many to be in tremendous debt, 4 teams have been inked to re-locate in the NBA which is more then any other organization in professional sports from 1999-2011, and the majority of the 22 teams losing money (one of those teams being the Pacers) may have looked at possibly re-locating.  Re-location of teams does not look good on the resume of a professional sports organization, I understand it's just business for the team, but it's still business that happens because a team is losing money and not doing well.  The clear problem with the current CBA of the NBA is the fact that again 22 teams are losing money and believed to be in debt which is why I have created a fair CBA with terms scheduled to end as soon as the 22 NBA teams losing money have payed off their debt (assuming all 22 of those teams are in debt).  Meaning the time period of this CBA is indefinite.  Now here are the rules of what at least allot of the new CBA should be that is fair to all franchises in the NBA and the players union.

 1.Revenue Sharing for all 30 NBA Teams-NBA teams like the Lakers who are making money must share 50% of their revenue from home games with their opposing team if that team is in debt to help them payoff their debts.  Teams breaking even in profits and teams losing money who aren't in debt do not have to apply to any revenue sharing with other teams.  Only the teams in debt can collect revenue sharing money during their away games from teams like the Lakers who are making a profit.  

2.ABA Revenue Sharing Plan-The ABA revenue sharing plan for the 4 ABA teams who merged with the NBA in 1976 will be placed on hold indefinitely for each team till they have their debts payed off (assuming all 4 of those teams are in debt (like we know the Pacers are).  Once an ABA merger team has their debts payed off the ABA revenue sharing plan will apply to them with no late penalties or fees.   

3.Salary Cap-According to SB Nation's NBA web page a Salary cap for the NBA makes allot of sense and has a very very good chance of happening once a new CBA for the NBA is in place.  How much the salary cap will be is a mystery to everyone.  50 million is a fair number, the only NBA team according to last season's payroll numbers on the ESPN trade machine under 50 million in payroll was the Sacramento Kings who will likely re-locate regardless of rather or not they are in debt in the near future unless the city of Sacramento agrees to build them a new stadium.  However to make things fair to the teams making a profit, 50 million will be a restricted number once teams hit the 50 million mark in spending more then league minimum on players, they can go over the cap but only if it is to sign players to their roster for minimum wage or less to fill roster spots.  And all NBA teams must have at least 6 players on their roster making more then league minimum at their positions.  However it was recently reported on the Boston Globe that the idea of a flex fit 62 million dollar cap set at 45 mill would be reasonable for the NBA which means a restricted 50 million dollar cap under these rules on a 62 million dollar flex fit salary cap would give NBA teams on average an extra 4 million to spend on their 6  players making more then minimum since the average NBA minimum wage salary is about a million dollars and 6 + 8 (the most amount of min wage players a team can sign under this CBA)=14 which is the current number of players all NBA teams are required to dress for games.  So basically a 64 million dollar flex fit salary cap under this CBA would give the average NBA team 54 million to spend on 6 players for more then minimum wage, since most rookie contracts last 4 years and are restricted to first refusal on the 5th year.  


4.Veterans Contracts-If a salary cap is in place for the next CBA, not all veterans contracts can be honored.  Hints the key words here are NOT ALL as in some veterans contracts can be honored in a new CBA with a salary cap to make the players union happy.  And I think it's safe to say that it's doubtful the players union will sign any CBA stating that ALL veterans contracts no longer have to be honored.  So with a 50 million dollar salary cap in place I think it's safe to make a rule stating that only the highest priced veteran contract on each of the 30 NBA teams needs to be honored allowing players like Gilbert Arenas to be happy and have enough money to pay their NRA dues, feed their man eating sharks, and please their children.  The veteran contracts in this new CBA that would have to be honored will be as follows with cap numbers based on the ESPN trade machine SF-Danny Granger (12 mill-Pacers), SG-Kobe Bryant (25 mill-Lakers), G-Gilbert Arenas (19 mill-Magic), PF-Kevin "KG" Gernett (21 mill-Celtics), SG-Joe Johnson (18 mill-ATL), SG/SF-Richard "Rip" Hamilton (12.5 mill-Stolen Pistons who turned all their fans into convicts), SF-Cory Maggette (10 mill-Bobcats), PF-Carlos Boozer (13.5 mill-Bulls),  PF-Antwan Jamison (15 mill-Cavaliers), Miami Heat-team decision F's-Lebron James or Chris Bosh both make 16 mill one contract must be honored, C-Andrew Boget (12 mill-Bucks), PG-Deron Williams (16 mill-NJ/Brooklyn Nets/what ever the team is re-named when they move), SF-Carmello Anthony (18.5 mill-Knicks), PF-Elton Brand (17 Mill-76ers), PG-Jose Calderon (9.7 Mill-Raptors), PF-Rashard Lewis (21 Mill-Wizards), C-Dirk Nowitzki (19 Mill-Mavericks), SG-Andre Miller (7.8 Mill-Den), C-Ekpe Udoh (assuming his contract numbers are accurate according to the trade machine) (32 Mill-Warriors (other wise C-David Lee 11.6 mill), SG-Kevin Martin (11.5 Mill-Rockets), C-Chris Kaman (12 Mill-Clippers), PF-Zach Randolph (15.2 Mill Grizzlies), F-Michael Beasley (6 Mill Timber Wolves), PG-Chris "CP3" Paul (16 Mill-Hornets), G/F-Kevin Durant (13.6 Mill-Thunder), SF-Vince Carter (18 Mill-Suns), SG-Brandon Roy (15 Mill-Trail Blazers), G-John Salmons (8.5 Mill-Kings), PG-Tony Parker (12.5 Mill-Spurs), C/PF-Al Jefferson (14 Mill-Jazz).  The players mentioned above will also be allowed to take pay cuts from their contracts in order for their team to sign free agents for higher pay then league minimum.

5.ETO's-Due to the New CBA rule of teams being allowed to release their veteran players without honoring their contracts unless they have the largest contract on the team ETO's will now become a team option only.  However player ETO's can be opted out of, but not retained if the team doesn't want the player who has an ETO player option on their contract from the last NBA CBA.  

6.Rookie Contracts-Right now the rookie contract system is pretty fair 4 year contracts to players and players become RFA's after 4 years with teams only being allowed to match offers from other teams to get players back.  That needs to stay in place with a 2 million dollar rookie cap number for first round picks and 800,000 for second round picks which can include signing bonuses for both first and second round picks.  


7.Transition Tag-In this new CBA to avoid people like Lebron James raping cities like Cleveland a transition tag will be in place for the new CBA.  Basically all the transition tag is, is a tag that can be placed on a free agent player such as Dwight Howard allowing that player to test the free agent market with the intent that the team that player previously played for can match any offer from another team with in a weeks time to get that player back.  Under this CBA one transition tag per team will be awarded.  Transition tags also cannot be used on players who's rookie contracts are expiring.  

8.Compensatory Picks-In the next NBA draft under the new CBA additional second round compensatory picks (61-63) will be awarded to the 3 NBA teams who have lost the most talent in free agency for the previous season.


9.Draft Order-Under the New NBA CBA, the draft lottery will be terminated and the draft order will be as follows picks 1-14 teams that did not make the playoffs with draft order being based on record with common opponents being the tie breaker and strength of schedule being the tie breaker if common opponents cannot break the tie, picks 15-22 awarded to the teams that were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs based on how many games the teams that were eliminated took their opponents to with the highest pick of the 8 going to the team who took their opponent to the fewest amount of games in a 7 game series to get eliminated.  Tie breakers will be decided based on record and if the record can't determine the tie breaker then the tie breaker will be decided by common opponents and if that can't break the tie then the tie breaker will be determined by strength of schedule.  Picks 23-26 will be awarded to the 4 teams eliminated in the playoffs during the divisional round with order of picks based on the rules for picks 15-22. Picks 27 & 28 will be awarded to the two teams losing in the Eastern and Western Conference finals with the order being determined the same way as the other picks for the teams who made the playoffs then pick 29 will go to the loser of the NBA finals, and pick 30 will go to the NBA champion.  In the second round the NBA draft order will be the same.  So summarizing things up on rule 9 picks 1-14 will be awarded to the NBA teams who do not make the playoffs based on record, then common opponents, then strength of schedule and picks 15-30 will be determined by how far teams go in the playoffs with tie breakers being amount games played in a 7 games series, then regular season record, then common opponents, then strength of schedule and the second round will have the same order as the first.  


10.Cheating-Personally I've never heard of anyone in the NBA using performance enhancing drugs or a coach cheating by taping another team.  This is a good thing that needs to keep happening.  However sadly I have heard of a certain NBA referee named Tim Donaghy fixing a few games for the San Antonio Spurs so they could win an NBA title.   Under rule 10 of this CBA any referee caught cheating will be banned for life from refereeing both men and women's professional and college basketball world wide and if the team that referee fixed a game or a few games for wins an NBA title, that team will be stripped of their title and everyone associated with that team will be striped of their championship rings.  Players and coaches caught cheating rather it be with performance enhancing drugs or cameras will be kicked out of the NBA for life and their team will have to go one season without being eligible for the NBA playoffs.  

11.Salary Cap Violations & Revenue Sharing Violations-Any NBA team caught violating the 50 million dollar cap or it's restrictions will have to forfeit all their draft picks for one year and go a year with no eligibility for the NBA playoffs.  These same punishments will apply to any team not following the revenue sharing rules.  

12.Team Moves & New Ownership-Same rules as before, owners can only be granted permission to move their team by the NBA board of owners.  Owners also cannot purchase any type of team with out the approval of the NBA board of owners.  

13.Personal conduct-Suspensions for personal conduct in the NBA will be more serous and if someone commits a crime as bad as the one Gilbert Arenas committed a few years ago with the Wizards, that person will be banned from the NBA for one season.  

14.TV Revenue-Teams will now have the ability to locally black out NBA games based on ticket sales.  However if a team is going to black out games a certain percentage of tickets for that game must be sold in order to avoid a black out.  Also the players will now be getting 50% of TV revenue from the NBA.  

So there you have it what the NBA teams in debt like the Pacers officially need to present to everyone associated with the NBA and not back down on one bit for any bribes or negotiations for at least most of the rules.

So Under the new rules the Pacers roster would look like this:

PG-Darren "DC" Collison- keep, A.J. Price-Keep, TJ Ford-Walk

SG-Paul George-keep, George Hill-keep, Brandon Rush-cut, Dahntay Jones-cut, Lance "Staircase" Stephenson-D-league.

SF-Danny Granger-Trading block could be kept depending on offers (keeper if offers aren't right), Mike Dunleavy-walk, James Posey-cut

PF-Tyler "Psycho T" Hansbrough-keep, Josh "McRob" McRoberts-contract negotiations depending on who the team can sign at that position and how long McRob wants his contract to be

C-Roy Hibbert-keep, Jeff Foster-Contract negotiations depending on who the team can sign at the C-position, Solomon Jones-walk

So there you have it under the new CBA the Pacers will have $30,160,510 to spend on free agents for more than league minimum and possibly keeping Jeff Foster a few more years for less money and Josh McRoberts a few more years for more money.  And next season that number will be enough to out bid the Magic for Dwight Howard in 2 seasons making him the highest paid man in the NBA.  

Also keep in mind that no NBA season next year, worst case scenario ESPN terminates their contract with the NBA which likely will happen (who cares the Pacers are never on ESPN anyways unless it's the playoffs).  Pacers are still on FSN Indiana during the regular season other NBA teams on TNT during the regular season, and TNT, ABC, and CBS handle the NBA playoffs and weekend games.  

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