Trades No One Would See Coming

No one expected New Orleans to trade Darren Collison. Everyone thought George Hill was Tony Parker's successor while Tony was to be shipped off. It shows that fact is sometimes stranger than fiction. Here is a small list of trades no one would see coming.


Atlanta recieves: Danny Granger and Darren Collison

Indiana recieves: Al Horford and Marvin Williams

Why Atlanta does this: They're seemingly getting desperate. They're stuck in neutral so close to being a top contending team. Many would think Josh Smith would be the player shipped out, but Horford could net them the biggest gain. Having a starting lineup of Darren Collison, Joe Johnson, Danny Granger, Josh Smith, and picking up someone like Samuel Dalembert could be a team that gets them over the hump. They've also been trying to get rid of Williams' contract for a while now. Not to mention new ownership has said he demands success so things could be shaking up a bit down in Georgia.

Why Indiana does this: Al Horford has been a great presence at center for the Hawks but his natural positon is at the power forward spot (which we need). Rebounding has been a problem since Troy Murphy left, which Al would do great at fighting for boards. The Pacers also picked up George Hill who could take the starting point guard spot without a problem.


Charlotte recieves: James Posey, Indiana's next first rounder and second rounder

Indiana recieves: Tyrus Thomas

Why Charlotte does this: Michael Jordan wants to rebuild. So that means getting draft picks, shedding bad contracts, and being awful. I couldn't imagine a better way to do this. Posey's contract ends next year, Charlotte gets some semi-good draft picks, plus Posey can't do much at all anymore. This would help their cap and sky rocket them to a very high lottery pick of their own cause they'd be so awful.

Why Indiana does this: Did I mention we're desperate for a four? He's still young and is a shot blocking menace. Hopefully he would grow up. He reminds me a bit of Jermaine O'Neal when he was young... but with a couple more problems.


Toronto recieves: Darren Collison, James Posey, Next year first rounder

Indiana recieves: Andrea Bargnani

Why Toronto does this: If the Raps want to do this rebuilding the right way, they should probably unload Bargnani. He is not going to be the best player on a playoff contending team. Having a mature point guard of the future and a 1st round pick in a strong draft would have to at least make them think about it. Cap help is also a plus as well.

Why Indiana does this: The Pacers lacked a second go-to scorer in the playoffs. Danny Granger fought off the Bulls as much as he could offensively but he needs help. This boy can put up points and is still 25.

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