My Predictions For Our Team Next Year


I've enjoyed some great reads lately on how Roy Hibbert should spend is offseason and what we expect of him next year. But since we have a lot of time on our hands, I feel I should give my predictions on our core players and team as a whole. Please give any thoughts below:

Roy Hibbert: Roy's improvement was derailed last year by not only Jim O'Brien's lack of confidence and erratic minutes. But, getting the idea that Roy had to be rail thin (even more than he already is) to run an offense that made pretty much no sense. Some people expect him to be Alonzo Mourning..... Okay I wouldn't go that far. Zo is one of the best bigs to ever play the game and my boy Roy needs to be playing at higher level to get that comparison. He needs to keep getting stronger and get some box out help from his teammates to get higher rebounding numbers. His numbers? I expect him to get 14 ppg, 8 rpg, 1.6 bpg....... and...... FOUR assists per game! I said it! The ball will get pushed to Roy more and more and he has great vision for a big man. Him and DC need to get together.

Paul George: I see a lot of improvement coming his way, but I still see inconsistency coming as well. I say he averages around 12 ppg and 3 rpg. He will have a lot of great games with 18 points or so then have a night where he only scores 4 and screw up his average. This is to expected in sophomore. But he will be top 10 in steals per game next year.

Darren Collison: I expect a lot of great things from Darren this year. The guy has played two NBA seasons and has had FOUR coaches! That's mind-boggling! That would be hard for any position but for a point guard? That's insane and it's amazing he hasn't flopped. I predict his assist numbers to go up to around 7-8 a game. Him and Brian Shaw will get along well.

George Hill: George Hill probably won't start except for mismatch situations or if someone is injured, but will still get ample time. He'll play a Jarrett Jack role for us but a little better. People forget about his 6'9 wingspan. He will come off the bench and give us a great scoring punch of probably about 15 a game.

Tyler Hansbrough: He is about as much of a wildcard as I could imagine. It all depends on if he can get some more go-to moves in his arsenal and if we sign a free agent power forward to take his starting spot. All I know is don't doubt him... You'll just make him mad.

Danny Granger: I started you off with a bold prediction for Roy Hibbert and I'll leave you with one..... Danny Granger will play top-notch defense again this year. Okay, if any of you have ever played basketball then you know where I'm coming from. Try and run up down the court in one of the fastest paced offenses in the league and have to work against some of the best athletes in the league to get your own shot because no one else on your team can. Okay now after all that effort.... go play lock-down defense.... Yeah he wouldn't last five minutes. Now he's got some help. The offense won't always have to rest on his shoulders and the new and improved assistant coaching staff will have a great change of culture on the defensive end of the floor.

Record: 49-33 (if the lockout doesn't screw the 82 game season)

Offense: 12th

Defense: 3rd

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