Overpaid Babies have a voice too.

Recent posts have blasted NBA players in the midst of the lockout.

Here is my opposition.

Here’s a hypothetical, because hypotheticals are fun. Johnny is the greatest writer in the world. Johnny makes $25,000 a year after taxes. Johnny’s news paper calls him in and tells him that profit margins are down and that they are reevaluating everyone’s pay. They would like Johnny to do the same job but after taxes he would still bring home $24,000.  Now $24,000 isn’t much less, in fact he won’t have to adjust his lifestyle much at all, however that was Johnny’s $1000. He earned it and someone is trying to take it away. But his company is supposedly losing money, it’s for the good of everyone if he could just trim a little here and there, take it out of Johnny’s pocket and profit margins for his boss’ go right back up.

But without Johnny there would be no profit to begin with, if there were no newspaper Johnny wouldn’t get paid at all, if no one cared to read the news neither one would exist as they do. I mean he would write for free, you know for the love of it, millions of people do that, but Johnny is good enough to be paid for it, the paper exists because thousands of people want to know whats going on and the company exists to give the people a chance to read what Johnny has to say.   

What should Johnny do? Should Johnny assume that what he’s being told is true and if he doesn’t give up part of his money that the company will go broke and everyone will lose everything? Should he call their bluff, tell his bosses that without him everyone fails so they should pay him more? Or should Johnny ask for proof that his sacrifice is needed, and then if possible negotiate a deal that would be mutually beneficial for both him and the company he works for?

Those are the three routes Johnny can chose to take. Johnny chooses to negotiate and his bosses tell him that until the two sides have a deal worked out, he is suspended without pay.

Now Johnny has plenty in savings so he can survive the next few months and be okay. A news paper a town over heard about Johnny’s suspension and offered Johnny a job making a little less than he was previously until Johnny and the paper could come to terms. Johnny can either take the deal with the Other Paper or, you know write for the love of writing and be paid nothing. Johnny thinks that a few weeks off might be nice but the idea of making more money is appealing also.    

Now who are you rooting for?


I know 20 million and 20 thousand are light-years away from each other, believe me I’m very aware, but it’s the same concept. Get what is yours and get as much as you can. If someone is willing to give you more, take it.

The point has been made that most people play basketball for free. In the same it has been asked how many people will make as much in their lives as an NBA player will over a very short term, the answer was (truthfully) “not many” But how many people will be talented enough to play in the NBA… that answer is even fewer.

There seems to be so much anger over other people’s money. You will get no arguments from me that 20 million is a lot of money. No doubt, no matter where you go in the world, $20,000,000 American is nothing to sneeze at. But I find it funny that anyone would vilanize someone who doesn’t want to lose their own earned money.

See to most people who visit this site $20 million isn’t even a real figure. It’s make-believe. $20 million is a figure you sit around day dreaming, “what if’s”. And that’s the first mistake. Yes, it is a lot of money, no one not even NBA players (ignore Spreewell) can argue that. But IT IS A BUSINESS. It doesn’t matter that the figures are astronomical, these guys deserve the right to fight to get every cent they can. Everyone has that right. Just because you see it as greed doesn’t make it so. Someone in Ethiopia would likely see you earning $30,000 a year and not giving away half as greedy. Because where they sit, it is. And where you sit, criticizing NBA players looking out for their own best interests, it’s easy to sit back and say that they are “overpaid babies”. But in reality they have worked hard to be in a position to corner their market and have the right to go after every dime they can get.

If the NBA doesn't give you players what you want, by all means go play overseas, get what's yours and I'll see you when everything gets worked out stateside.

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