Green room invitees and other draft misconceptions


In the last few years, the NBA has been very accurate (amazingly accurate, to me) to identify the players who would be selected in the lottery – these players are then invited to the “green room”. This year’s invitees are:

Kyrie Irving (Duke)

 Derrick Williams (Arizona)

 Enes Kanter (Turkey)

 Brandon Knight (Kentucky)

 Kemba Walker (UConn)

 Jonas Valanciunas (Lithuania)

 Jan Vesely (Czech Republic)

 Kawhi Leonard (San Diego St.)

 Chris Singleton (Florida St.)

 Klay Thompson (Washington St.)

 Tristan Thompson (Texas)

 Jimmer Fredette (BYU)

 Marcus Morris (Kansas)

 Alec Burks (Colorado)

Markieff Morris (Kansas)

Obviously, there are a number of names on this list that Pacers fans hope would be picked by their team. If the league is correct, most of them will not be available when the Pacers pick.

Secondly, as Mike Wells has tweeted, players like Alec Burks and Tristan Thompson have declined to work out for the Pacers. At least to me, this is a clear indication they won’t be available at 15. (Reminds me of Russell Westbrook canceling his Pacers workout).

Thirdly, another source suggests that players like Jimmer Fredette will be picked ahead of 15 and that some internet hype about Marshon Brooks having an eye-opening workout for the Pacers only is “Internet hype”. The source’s name? own Conrad “Bruno” Brunner:

It didn't take long watching Jimmer Fredette go to work to develop serious concern he won't be available at No. 15 on Thursday. He's a better athlete than you think and has a lot of subtle yet effective moves that he uses to either create shots or space. Everybody knows he has area-code range, but in the workout he looked much more like a future point guard than a college gunner trying to prove he's not a 'tweener.


Much was made (thank you, Michael Grady) of Marshon Brooks' explosive performance in the closing stages of his matchup with Klay Thompson in the June 7 workout. But observers who watched the entire workout said Thompson got the better of Brooks for the balance of the duel, a fact later confirmed by both players.

Bruno also had positive things to say about Josh Selby (SG, Kansas) and former highschool standout Jeremy Tyler (Japan).


So what do we take away from this? To me, it seems that some of the fan favorites for the 15th pick either just won’t be available or aren’t that good. The 15th pick could come as a surprise for a number of Pacers fans.


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