Let's bring 'The Hump' to Indy

after reassessing the free agent markert. The Hump, aka kris Humphries, look better and better. Now, many will dismiss him because of his striking similarity to Hansbrough, this is true in face value, but 'The Hump' does many things that Hansbrough lacks, and together they would form a physical tag team that put the power in power forward. Looking at The Hump's measurements, he's actually bigger, longer, and more athletic than Hans. Now aside from their bruising style of play, their age, and their night in and night out hustle, their comparison actually trail off from here.


Though similar in build, The Hump does an exceptional job in terms of positioning and judgement of shot angles which Hansbrough is still learning. He is one of the most under rated rebounders in the game, The Hump averaged 10/10 last season while only starting 44 games out of the 74 he appeared in. In terms of per 36 minutes of play, the Hump would have average 13/13.5, those rebounding numbers are top ten in the league for his position, I don't think anyone else in the draft or in the free agent market is even close to that.


Aside from rebounding, the Hump is much more efficient than Hansbrough, posting a 52.7% fg mark compare to Hans 46.5%, which means the Hump is finishing his put backs much more often than Hansbrough evident by the hump's 67% to 60%.The hump's midrange game is very comparable to Hans, as of last season he shot 35.7% from 10-15ft and 38% from 16-23ft compare to Hansbrough's 32.9% from 10-15ft and 42% from 16-23ft. Of course, The Hump will not be ask to carry the scoring load, his offensive role will be on putbacks and roaming the offensive glass.


This is the area which is the key for me. Though there are questions on The Hump's rotational defense, which according to Netsarescorching needs improvement, but looking at his basic stats, The Hump did have a respectable 1.1 blk per game which does suggest he was at least serviceable in that area. However, with that said, his man to man defense is worthy of praise. The following was an assessment made by the net's blog on one of their player's defense, it looks pretty legit.

hoopdata also would support this claim, as the Hump had a defensive rating of 1.77 compare to Hans .87!!!!


Both Hump and Hans are currently 25, Hans has been struggling with injuries and really only started to play last season. The Hump however has been in the league for 5 years but has not been given the opportunity until last year. Before last year, The Hump had to play behind Dirk and Bosh on those respective teams so that may help to understand why he has not been given the opportunity til recently.  Most people on IC believe that Hans' role fits in more with the goon squad more than the starting unit, to which I completely agree. Because of The Hump's overall efficiency, he is clearly a level above Hansbrough right now. The Hump also fits in with the Vogel motto of blood and gut team right now than any other FA on the market. It would be awesome to see the Pacers having two power forwards reckoning havoc download for a full 48 minutes!!! That will wear down the opposing team without a doubt. Nobody wants to play against Hansbrough? then why not have a carbon copy of Hansbrough who's actually a little better continue Hans' play while he's reupping his energy?

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