Trades NOT involving Granger

So we've thoroughly divided ourselves on the trade Granger front. With all this CBA confusion, and still not knowing the draft order, there's very little we can know for certain. I know that people have come up with some trade ideas to add pieces to the team we've already built. I'm bored, so I'm doing the same thing.

Trade #1

MEM gets our #15 overall pick

IND gets O.J. Mayo

A version of this trade almost went down at the deadline, as we all remember, but this summer we won't have to involve a third team. If NOR not wanting Brandon Rush was really the hold-up, then this trade should be pretty easy to get back on the table. Memphis gets an immediate cap savings of Mayo's Salary-minus-whatever it costs to sign the #15 draft pick (so somewhere in the $3.5 million range). They'll need cap relief in order to make some sort of cap friendly offer to Marc Gasol, assuming Bird Rights are still intact and they even CAN make an offer to him. Meanwhile, for whatever reason, Larry Bird likes Mayo. If Bird's still around, I can see him revisiting this trade. In my opinion, it's a bad idea. I don't think Mayo is bad enough to destroy my favorite team, but since high school he's been one of the more overrated players I've ever seen. If he can provide valuable minutes at both guard spots off the bench and keep his yap shut while he tries to prove he's worth a big contract next season, I'd be great with it. If not, it's a low-risk one-year commitment for the Pacers, who probably couldn't have drafted someone as immediately relevant at #15 anyway.

Trade #2

PHI gets our #15 pick

IND gets Louis Wiliams

This is your basic salary dump for Philly, a team that is badly over the cap this year, and will be close to it just to fill out a complete roster next year. Williams does all the things Mayo is supposed to do, the difference being that he doesn't suck. His contract is worse though, so this might be more of a risk. Still, with the Turner/Iguodala/Holliday nucleus I can see them being willing to include Williams in a salary dump.

Trade #3

UTA gets James Posey and our #15 pick

IND gets Paul Milsap and Raja Bell

There's no easy way to propose this to Utah fans, man of whom think Milsap is literally the Risen Lord. We've visited versions of this trade before, and all the reasons it's worked both ways in the past are still valid. Utah gets to save about $3 million (minus the cost of signing the #15 pick) right away, plus another $11 million in future salaries. They clear up the log-jam at PF. We get a guy who can fight for our starting 4 position with Tyler, and a veteran locker room guy with experience winning (someone the Pacers sorely needed at times this year). Milsap may be worth slightly more than the #15 pick, but he proved this year that he's not walking on water any time soon like several Jazz fans seem to think. Seems like a win-win. 

Trade #4

ORL gets James Posey, Brandon Rush and our #15 pick

IND gets J.J. Redick, Brandon Bass and Earl Clark (re-signed with $2 million team option)

Dead weight and a pick in a crappy draft for a couple of our biggest needs. Redick's a microwave type who probably benefits from having Dwight Howard drawing doubles, but it seemed at times we didn't have enough healthy three point shooters on our roster this year. Bass, meanwhile, showed over the last 1/3rd of the season that he is a viable NBA starter (I've always liked his intensity). I also love Clark, and think he's been given up on too many times so far...for $2 million he deserves another shot. Why does Orlando do it? Well, the salaries for next year, draft pick included, are a wash. But they'd save between $6-13 million in future money for Howard's PO summer, plus they'd be getting a decent draft pick, which is a cheap way to address roster holes, considering they don't have a pick right now. I know they traded for Clark with the intention of developing him, but he's failed to find a niche. And hell, I'd do this even if he wasn't included. 

Trade #5

DET gets James Posey, Brandon Rush, cash and the #45 pick

IND gets Ben Gordon and DET's top 3-protected first this year (slated at #7)

I think the rest of the NBA world knew how poorly-planned the Gordon and Charlie V contracts were the second Detroit inked them. But it's gotten so bad up there in "tha D" that I honestly think they'll take back pure salary dumps for either one of them, and throw in draft picks to get people to bite. Seriously. That bad. Through 2012-13 they've committed around $32 million to those two and Rip Hamilton combined. Getting rid of Gordon, the worst of those contracts, would be a major boon for them. Meanwhile, this draft sucks so bad the #7 overall pick wouldn't even be that huge of a loss, though it's possible the Pacers could package it and #15 to move up a bit, if the right player was there. Also, as overpaid as Gordon is, he kind of directly addresses one of the Pacers' biggest needs.


Would you consider any of these? Any you think would be worth it? 

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