Well I was going to do a post on possible draft picks and who we should take at 15, but I was reading the Wizards blog and the consenus seemed to be if they get the 4th pick or lower they'd be interested in shipping maybe that pick plus a young talent for an established starter. Well as you can imagine I thought of our star and the conondrum he poses. As I am not %100 for shipping Granger out, and I think he had a very good playoffs, but that might have given him enough value amongst other teams to make it worth considering. That being said I was thinking ideally we would trade Granger, Rush, ( who I think is a very good role player, prolly as good if not better than anyone the Wiz would draft at 18, and would be great getting dimes from Wall for open threes which he shoots %40) for the Wizards pick ( 4th or 5th), Jordan Crawford and their 18th pick in this years draft. The Wizards would get an Allstar especially playing with Wall and a important young piece/ starter. The Pacers open up the wing rotation and allow to make a huge impact in the draft and for a long time with most of a really good 8th seed plus three very high to mid round draft picks. Not to mention a low salary cap with tons more potential and flexibility. So what do you guys think would you trade DG for something like this?

A draft would look something like we'd prolly have to draft Biyombo with the 4th or 5th pick if we wanted him with whichever pick we got. With the 15th pick maybe a 6' 10" PF/SF 225lbs Marcus Moriis who reminds a lot of Al Harrington play wise maybe tougher. At 18 maybe a guy like Klay Thompson who is almost as good if not as good a shooter as Jimmer and is 6'6" or we could go crazy here and take a swing at guys like Lucas Nogueira or Kenneth Faried. 2nd round, pick up the 6'10" 250 guy from Fresno St. Greg Smith or Shelvin Mack if we could get him here.

Potentially we could have a lineup like:

Hibbert starting at C hopefully finally fulfilling potential with Biyombo getting min. at PF and C bringing tremendous athleticism and potential game changing defense, blocks and rebounds.

Hans would prolly get the start at PF as a spread type 4 maybe not jackin 3s though with Biyombo and Morris getting minutes here as well. Plus, Greg Smith and our foreigners across the pond evolving into potential contributors in the frontcourt.

Paul George would slide over to his natural spot at three and I believe he can be a game changing all star eventually. Morris would get minutes here when we went to a big lineup and D.Jones would still be on the team if needed, as well as James Posey.

Jordan Crawford who can get his shot whenever he wants and likens to a more athletic though smaller Jamal Crawford would get the start with Klay Thompson coming off the bench. Lance who Bird really likes can play sg/pg type hybrid plus we still have D. Jones if needed.

Darren Collison who I was a big proponent of trading for last summer would get the start and I would hope he lives up to the potential we all know he has, which he showed glimpses of in the playoffs. A.J. Price who has a mean shot when on, will need to be addressed with Stephenson or future draft pick eventually though.

This would be a great young unit and all in all seems to me like potentially at least an 5-8th seed next year with much greater potential to be a champion than our current roster for a long time to come. Now this might not be the route we go, but we need to take this offseason and every offseason with great care to make the necessary changes to be a champion. We have many options whether its trades, drafts, or free agency. We can make a huge difference now and I hope Larry comes back, because that means the Simons want to win a championship and take advantage of a once in a generation opportunity. I for one hope the Pacers are great again for me and my kids to enjoy like I did with my Dad.

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