Danny Granger and the Pacers Off Season


I have heard alot of interesting trade scenarios and free agency acquisitions situations here on Indy Cornrows. And provided alot of detailed info and great posts with awesome points, which is appreciated from all users.  My question is why are alot of people wanting to trade Granger?  Mostly in return for Josh Smith of all people? I respect everyones opinion regardless of the situation but that is just absurd. Granger is the 12th best player in the league, not a superstar but better than alot of people in the nba. Especially Josh Smith. Just look at eaches playoff production. Along with the free agents coming up and the superstars production. You can also check regular season production as well.

The only people that I would include Granger in a trade with would be Lebron, Wade, Nowitzki, DRose, Howard, Paul, and Blake Griffinth. But would try to keep him if possible.

Josh Smith is over rated. If we trade him for Granger are team gets significant worse as is. If we were to target anyone via trade it should either be Dwight Howard or Chris Paul. Both are superstars, both contracts expire after next year and both want out of their respected teams. I think NOH and ORL will be exploring trade options from anyone if neither decide to resign. I think the Pacers should try to set up a trade package granted the superstar signs an extension, say 2-4 years. (like Melo trade)

1. Dwight Howard trade scenario

FOR --- Roy Hibbert, Brandon Rush, James Posey (expiring contract) 2 1st round draft picks.(maybe Hans too only if you had too.)

The salaries match up (ORLANDO ALREADY OVER THE CAP) and Orlando gets younger and saves money and then they can go into free agency. Obviously this only works if Dwight really wants out and Orlando is positive he wont resign.

Then we would still have about 10-15million in cap space to get a couple of other players to fill in the roster. Maybe resign Foster and/or McRoberts and go get Humphries and/or Marcus Thornton and/or Nick Young.

Possible Roster

PG--- Collison/AJ Price/ Lance

SG--- Paul George/M. Thornton or Nick Young

SF--- Danny Granger/ Dahntay Jones

PF--- Kris Humphries/ Tyler Hansbrough or McRoberts

C--- Dwight Howard/ Jeff Foster

We get a super star that is dominate in the paint and another scoring option and Granger will be able to complement very nicely. We keep our young potential with Geroge, Collison, Hans and Lance. And good role players with Thorton, Humphries, Jones, Mcbobs and Foster. We become a Championship Contender with this lineup easily if everyone stays healthy.


2. Chris Paul Trade Scenario

FOR--- Darren Collison, Brandon Rush, James Posey , Hibbert and 2 1st rd picks.

The salaries match up and if you look at the NOH roster they look like a team that is rebuilding allready. They get some young core players and an expiring contract and some cap space.

We would still have about 10-15 million in cap space for free agency. we should try to get Marc Gasol  And then also go after Marcus Thornton or Nick Young. and Reggie Evans maybe

Possible Roster

PG--- Chris Paul/AJ Price/Lance

SG--- Paul George/M. Thortnon or N. Young

SF--- Danny Granger/ Dahntay Jones

PF--- Tyler Hansbrough/ McRoberts/ Reggie Evans

C--- Marc Gasol/Foster  


We get a superstar PG that can take over a game. Danny Granger can play the 2nd scoring option and keep the young potential of George and Hans Then picking up some interior play  and rebounding with Gasol and Reggie Evans.

Now the biggest variable is if these super stars want out and their teams know they wont resign and they want to get something before the contract expires.

If the above variables are true then I think we definetly have a chance at getting one of these players and instantly making our team a contender.

3. No trade just FA and the Draft

Now if the Pacers didnt try to trade for anyone and went with free agency and the draft. Then personally I think we should sign Marc Gasol or Tyson Chandler and then sign Jamal Crawford  and Kris Humphries.

Possible Roster

PG ---D.Collison/AJ Price/Lance

SG --- Paul George/ Jamal Crawford/ B. Rush

SF --- Danny Granger/ Dantay Jones

PF --- Tyler Hans/ Mc Roberts/ Humphries

C --- Gasol or Chandler/Hibbert

We get a better inside presence and rebounding with Gasol or Chandler and Humphries. We get another scorer with Jamal Crawford ( i know he is streaky but 14th in the league reg and playoffs in scoring)

Then we could try and pick up a  pf  in the draft (Morris bros, Kenneth Faried or Tobias Harris) or we should get another scorer ( Nolan Smith, Jimmer Ferdette or Jordan Hamiliton)

Right now our team needs another consistent scorer and better interior scoring/d/rebounding and preferably someone who can take over at the end of the game. Its been along time coming for the Pacers to be contending again. I have faith in Bird and the higher ups in making the best decision for our beloved Pacers.

Tell me what you think or if you have a better scenario let us know.

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